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Young Royals season 2 shock ending explained on Netflix




Young Royals Season 2 spoilers follow.

All Sex, Lies and Videotape, or Leaked Sex Tapes, specifically, to ensure that Young Royals remains one of the most dramatic and juicy shows Netflix has to offer – and that’s truer than ever in season two.

At the end of episode five, all these secrets are revealed. Simon and Sara finally learn that it was August who leaked the tape in season one. August, unaware of this, took steps to show Sara how much he loves her by buying back the horse she lost.

More importantly, Simon and Wilhelm are finally back together. Well, sort of. And yes, they closed the curtains this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Film me having sex with the crown prince who still hasn’t come out as gay, publicly, shame on me.

But even that secret can’t stay hidden for long, not after what happens at the very end of Young Royals season two…

Young Royals Season 2 ending explained

The final episode kicks off much like the second season began, with Wilhelm and Simon together. But here we start with the day after their reunion, where Simon reminds Wil that he left to call the police in August.

But first, Simon has to drop Marcus after leading him all season. He didn’t want to, of course. He was just trying to forget about Wil, but Marcus doesn’t see it that way, which is more than understandable.

“Is it my fault you treat me like shit?” he asks. “You think you’re a victim among these rich kids…You say you don’t want drama, but you love it.”

Well, he brought you there, Simon.

Meanwhile, August tells Wilhelm that if Simon goes to the police, he’s got someone else to take the blame for him. The Crown Prince reminds August that he has proof it was him, but his slimy little cousin has already thought of everything.

August’s plan is to pretend he was drunk that night, so he left his phone behind. Alexander, in an effort to give it back, knocked on all the windows to get back into the building, but then came across Wil and Simon knocking, so he decided to film it.

Why would Alexander possibly do this? Well, turns out he hates Wil as much as August does, because of that time pinning those drugs on him. August claims that Alexander will receive only a minor sentence, “plus the gratitude of the court”. And if that plan doesn’t work, he’ll report Simon to the police instead.

“I’m just trying to get you to realize what’s best for you,” August says in typically slimy fashion.

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Things get pretty dramatic with Sara and Felice too when Sara admits to being in love with August. Felice expresses her feelings about it, saying, “I don’t care if he’s my ex. He’s the worst person in the world. He can’t be trusted!”

She’s not wrong.

With all of this out in the open, Simon and Wilhelm head to the shooting range to confront August, and the two girls quickly follow.

Things escalate quickly, as Wil also enjoys drama. Grabbing August’s rifle, our young royal turns the gun on himself, demanding to know who tipped him off to Simon’s plan to tell the police.

“That was me,” Sara suddenly admits. “I thought if I gave him a chance he would come out honest. I was in love with him.”

Choice, Sara. Choices.

Simon, his brother, is the most furious – “you know what he did to me” – so he quickly leaves. “You are despicable,” Felice said, also turning on Sara.

Sara is also angry, but in August, because he didn’t confess like he told her he would.

“I have to protect the royal family,” August asserts. But as Sara rightly points out, the truth is, “You’re just protecting yourself.

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Robert Eldrim/Netflix

With these new revelations, Simon decides not to go to the police in order to protect his own family. Wilhelm didn’t fare much better either, battling with his bigoted mother and distraught father, the reigning king and queen of Sweden.

August is really trying to make things work with Sara, texting her and even that horse she lost, but Simon’s sister has none of it. To finish.

Things start to look up with Simon and Wil, as amid all the passion and chaos, the pair realize that last night’s kiss wasn’t just one. They are still madly in love and extremely excited for each other judging by all that handshake and intimate stares.

“I want to be with you,” Simon says, so he’s willing to keep it a secret until they’re both 18 “if that’s the only way.” But “no more secrets between us,” adds Simon, before continuing by whispering “I love you” in Wil’s ear.

Yeah! It just happened. For real. Wilhelm doesn’t say it back, but he doesn’t feel like he’s giving up on Simon. In fact, it seems Wil has a plan to declare his love in as public a way as possible…

How Young Royals the end of season 2 prepares season 3

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As everyone prepares for Wilhelm to give Hillerska’s big speech, Sara heads to the bus stop with the intention of leaving school forever. But on the way out, Sara decides to bring — you guessed it — drama by reporting a crime to the police on her phone.

Although no confirmation is given at the end of the episode, it’s safe to say that Sara decided to do the right thing and report August’s leaked sex tape in an effort to keep up with the alongside Simon and Wilhelm.

Speaking of the crown prince, he begins to feel a little ill, overwhelmed by the pressure of his impending speech, so the royal adviser brings in August, his reinforcement. August is understandably delighted with this, seeing his plans to replace Wilhelm finally come to fruition.

But at the last minute, in the most sassy moment this show has ever given us, Wil gets up and walks past August, shattering his dreams of giving his speech at the last possible second.

Wilhelm’s speech begins generic, at the request of his family. One line in particular grabs his throat, setting off a tumultuous chain reaction. “The motto is to take responsibility for your heritage, to be proud of your history, to pass the traditions on to the next generation…” Insert a dramatic pause here.

“No,” Wil said suddenly. “There’s a problem with just passing on the traditions without forcing it, thinking about which ones are good and which ones are bad… How can we evolve?”

In his new version of the speech, the crown prince says it’s time to stop keeping secrets. “That was me in the video that got leaked last semester,” he boldly states. “The one with me and Simon.”

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The cameras begin to flash much faster as the world soaks in what Wilhem just said. Not only was he the one featured on the sex tape from the start, but it also brings him into the world.

And with that, Wil looks back with a smile at Simon, who looks more shocked than anyone. But he’s happy too, because with this surprise comes the realization that Wilhelm won’t keep his secret. Their love can finally express itself and be proud of in the most beautiful way.

Of course, that doesn’t mean season three won’t bring the drama yet. There are bound to be consequences to all of this. Wilhelm may even be replaced by August among the royals, although Sara’s report to the police may also prevent this.

But whatever happens, it seems all the lust and suppression is no more, between Simon and Wilhelm at least. After two years, they finally know each other, and it looks like they’ll need that support when the world comes looking for them in season three.

Young Royals seasons 1 and 2 are now available on Netflix.