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Who all were sent home in Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 26? Fans rejoiced as Chazz was one of them



Chazz was dumped in Love Island USA Season 4 (Image via chazz.bryant9/Instagram)


Episode 26 of love island usa Season 4, which aired Tuesday, August 16, featured five eliminations. According to public votes, the two least favorite couples were banned from the villa.

Pairs that were sent home included Chazz-Bella and Jared-Chanse. When Jared was dumped, Kat self-eliminated and, while hugging him, said she had found the right person in the villa.

It’s time for us to say goodbye to Chazz, Bella, Jared, & Chanse… and Kat. Tweet your best wishes for these islanders! 💕#LoveIslandUnited States

In the previous episode, Jared asked Chanse to give him some space because he wanted to clear his head of his feelings for Kat. He entered the villa just before the Casa Amor segment, where he partnered with Chanse. But after returning to the villa, he confessed his interest in Kat, who returned the favor with the same emotions.

While fans were divided over the results of Tuesday’s eliminations, they were thrilled that one of them was Chazz.

here’s how love island usa fans reacted to Chazz’s elimination

love island usa 2022 fans wanted Chazz long gone from the villa, but somehow he ended up in the safe zone. In Episode 26, he was finally sent home, leaving fans to rejoice.

Check out their reactions:

CHAZZ IS GONE. OMG WE WON. WE FINALLY WON. God doesn’t always answer when you want but he is always on time!! Amen? AMEN. #LoveIslandUnited States

chazz saying joel had to learn a few things and then be sent home is the best instant karma i could have asked for #LoveIslandUnited States

Chazz arrived on the show with his brother Bria. He immediately teamed up with Sereniti and sent his partner Tyler home. Sereniti and Chazz tried to form a connection, however, he dumped her for another Kat bombshell.

After the release of Sereniti, love island usa fans turned their backs on Chazz and wanted him gone. Although he was paired up with Kat, he explored his options at Casa Amor and returned with Bella. But things started to take a different turn for Chazz when Phoebe flirted with him and asked if he was interested in exploring their bond.

Although he kissed Phoebe, we saw him make up his mind about Bella in episode 26. He told Timmy he wanted to be with Bella and no one else. But it was too late because Bella was interested in the new bombshell Joel Bierwert. Unfortunately, the two weren’t able to explore their relationship further as it was dumped in the final episode.

Why did Kat self-eliminate in love island usa Season 4?

Jared and Kat entered the love island usa villa together but were chosen by different islanders during the recoupling session. Then they went to Casa Amor, where Jared brought Chanse to the villa. As the islanders returned from Casa Amor, Jared and Kat were flirting.

They admitted that they shared similar emotions towards each other. In the previous episode, Jared told Chanse that he needed space so he wouldn’t be sharing a bed with her. He later agreed with Kat in a different conversation when the latter asked him if he had room in her bed.

In the latest episode, host Sarah Hyland entered the villa and announced that fans had voted for their favorite couple. Thus, the less preferred pairs would be sent home. She said that Chazz-Bella and Chanse-Jared were the couples who didn’t receive a huge number of votes and were therefore kicked out of the show.

At this moment, Kat stood up and said:

“I don’t know if it’s the right time, but I think we all know on that note, I won’t be staying here.”

As Sarah and the islanders were surprised by Kat’s decision, she walked over to Jared to kiss and hold him. Kat continued:

“I found out why I came here.”

Meanwhile, islanders who will continue in the next episode include Nadjha, Jeff, Phoebe, Isaiah, Sydney, Jesse, Deb, Timmy, Zeta, Chad, Courtney and newcomer Joel.

love island usa Season 4 airs a new episode at 9:00 p.m. ET on Peacock Tuesday through Sunday.

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