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What We Heard: Interoperability of digital technology




On August 31 and September 7, Doctors of BC held two physician engagement sessions on system interoperability, which you told us was an integral part of a provincial digital health strategy.

These hour-long sessions, hosted by the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) and facilitated by leading physicians, solicited member input on the clinical needs that need to be met. by any digital solution the Ministry of Health and the PHSA enlists for support system-wide interoperability of EMRs, clinical systems, and other digital health technologies.

Based on the many contributions from family physicians and specialist physicians gathered over more than 5 years, participant feedback has helped to:

  • Validate a list of basic clinical requirements related to e-Referrals, e-Consults, e-Orders (eg, laboratory, diagnostic imaging) and e-Forms.
  • Inform details included in a Ministry of Health/PHSA Request for Proposal (RFP) (posted September 20, 2022) to secure one or more digital solutions to support a “connected health system” in British Columbia. (See here for more details on the Government of British Columbia’s Request for Proposals process.)

See our Report on what we heard for a summary of the main themes of these sessions.

Continuing Physician Contribution and Influence

Both of these sessions reflect Doctors of BC’s ongoing work to ensure there are opportunities for physician input on proposed health technology plans in British Columbia.

Doctors of BC’s clinical representatives are also part of the RFP evaluation group, work on which is ongoing. We’ll have more to share on the group’s progress in the near future.

For more information on our ongoing advocacy for digital health solutions that reflect your needs and concerns, visit the Digital Health Strategy section of our website.