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What episode is the Time Skip in Black Clover? Explained



Black Bulls as seen in Black Clover (Image via Studio Pierrot)


As seen in black clover, Time Skip is a device used to advance the plot of a story. It usually covers events such as the formation and may be referenced later in the story. Sometimes Time Skip is not shown in the manga, just exclusively in the anime, as seen in black clover.

With Yuki Tabata’s series jump forward, fans are wondering – Which episode is the time jump in? black clover?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Black Clover manga.

black clover: All about the Time Skip

Which episode is the Time Skip?

Time Skip.Animes: Black Clover, Shingeki no Kyojin, One Piece, Gurrenn Lagann

The Time Skip occurs in episode 158, titled The dawn of hope and despair (manga chapter 229). It occurs between arc number eight, i.e. the elf reincarnation arc, and number nine, i.e. the heart realm joint struggle arc. This is a relatively short time jump lasting only six months.

During these six months, the Magic Knights train and prepare for a fight against the mages of the Heart Kingdom. Asta, a member of the Black Bulls, trains to master anti-magic under the Spirit Guardians. All other members get a massive power boost with unique abilities on display later in the story.

What happens during the six months?

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In truth, the events of Time Skip have not been reviewed in detail during the black clover story. However, one can notice the effects of the six-month training session. The biggest difference is that each character looks older and more mature at this point. Their outfits have also been changed.

Not only that, as mentioned earlier, the training greatly improved their abilities and control of their magic. Asta’s growth is visible in the first half black cloverninth arc.

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This part opens in the Grand Magic Zone, a large structure powered by people’s mana to move through the belt. The structure was a mobile fortress called “Candelo” that needed people’s mana to power it and ran out of it quickly. The soldiers brought people into the fortress to continue replenishing its mana supply.

Simply put, the Kingdom of Spade treated its citizens like expendable items. As the soldiers brought in more people, Asta arrived. Witnessing the harsh treatment meted out, he quickly began to eliminate any soldiers he laid eyes on. Soon he was confronted by the captain leading the soldiers.

A year ago, Black Clover released the first chapter of Time Jump. What do you think of the series after the time jump?

After a brief back-and-forth exchange, the two engaged in battle. The captain managed to land a blow and poison the white-haired boy. Mocking Asta’s weakness, the Captain was surprised when Asta pulled out his Demon Destroyer Sword and reversed the effect of Basilisk Breath.

In a fit of rage at what the Spade Kingdom was doing, Asta used his sword Demon Slayer: Black Divider to split the fortress into two halves. This was just a glimpse of Asta’s growth and what training has done for him.

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