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Watch Never-Before-Seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles Deleted Scene



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fans of John Hughes movies don’t really need a reason to rewatch some of its most famous titles this holiday season, but it doesn’t hurt to give them some incentive anyway. Classic 80s comedy Planes, trains and automobiles is receiving an all-new Digital 4K and 4K Ultra HD edition, to celebrate the film’s 35th anniversary. In order to tease fans for its extensive bonus content, TK has shared a deleted scene with Collider that is part of a huge list of never-before-seen footage that is over an hour of fun.

As we reported in October, this bonus content was discovered among the archives of the late director and screenwriter, who died in 2009. The film — which stars Steve Martin and John Candy as two guys embarking on a road trip to try and get home in time for Thanksgiving – got a special 4K remaster for the Anniversary Edition.


Planes, trains and automobiles‘ The deleted scene has quick and fun dialogue

The scene highlights Del’s (Candy) talent for improvisation and the sales pitch, even when he crosses paths with someone as quick-witted as him. The setting is simple: Del and Neal (Martin) are in a restaurant chatting with a waitress who apparently doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. So naturally, Del’s only way to double cross her is to threaten the woman’s job when she holds her ground while charging for grits she doesn’t want to pay.

Planes Trains and Automobiles-John Candy as Del Griffith & Steve Martin as Neal Page
Image via Paramount Pictures

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John Hughes’ legacy in comedy is celebrated to this day

Originally published in 1987, Planes, trains and automobiles was praised at the time of its debut mainly due to the comedic timing of Martin and Candy, who were already established comedians by that time. Even though the film was a moderate success at the boss’s office – it grossed $45 million against a budget of $15 million – the comedy has since become a big part of Thanksgiving lore, with fans rallying to watch it during the holiday season.

Planes, trains and automobiles was directed, written and produced by John Hughes, who coined other 80s comedy classics like Ferris Bueller’s day off, Alone at homeand The breakfast club. Besides Martin and Candy, the cast also includes Laila Robins, Michael McKean, Kevin Baconand Dylan Baker.

You can watch the deleted scene below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Steve Martin and John Candy star in this hysterical tale of a trip gone wrong. Neal Page (Martin) is a stuck up publicist trying to get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving with his family. When redirected to Wichita, Neal reluctantly teams up with Del Griffith (Candy), an obnoxious but lovable salesman. Together, they embark on a cross-country adventure filled with outrageously funny situations and a generous dose of warmth.