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Warm up your winter with this amazing Jackery solar generator giveaway




SPONSORED: Jackery’s portable solar generators are changing green energy and shifting the energy balance to households. Here’s how a Jackery set can warm up your winter

Electricity bills will skyrocket this winter and there are serious warnings that shortages could cause blackouts. Have you ever thought it’s time to start depending more on the oldest and best source of energy? After all, at least the sun won’t drive your prices up!

Jackery, the ground-breaking, award-winning solar generator specialist, celebrates its 10th anniversary, and sun-loving Californians want to warm up your winter with a special bundle sale and exclusive competitions for UK customers.

From October 17, the first 100 people to order the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 bundle will receive a carrying case for the Explorer 1000, while the first 50 customers to grab a Jackery Solar Generator 500 will receive a carrying case for the Explorer 1000. transport for the Explorer 500.

Plus, you can enter a raffle on the Jackery UK store until November 15 to win an Explorer 1000 portable power station or a SolarSaga 100 solar panel worth up to £1,154. Additionally, 10 followers of Jackery UK’s Instagram and Facebook pages will win a free $1000 solar generator. Simply share your “hottest” stories to enter! The deadline for your registrations is November 9th.

Over the past decade, Jackery has established itself as a global leader in portable solar power, with solutions for taking advantage of the great outdoors. But this winter, it’s all about making the interior look just as good!

Warm up your winter with Jackery

With a Jackery solar generator, you can warm your winter and avoid potential power outages. It’s a clean, sustainable solution from an unquenchable source that’s far better for the environment than grid electricity.

Portable power stations like the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro guarantee you 1000 watts of power after just 1.8 hours of charging the solar panels in the sun. That’s enough power to run an electric blanket all night, keeping you toasty warm in the winter months, with enough juice for the first coffee of the day!

With zero emissions, it will bolster your green credentials with neighbors while being quiet and convenient, with the flexibility to power a wide range of household appliances. Looking for an extra bonus? No need to climb on the roof to install it! The panels simply rest on a balcony or lawn to absorb the sun, even when it hides behind the clouds.

The best portable solar solutions for your home

Jackery offers three solar generators delivering over 1000 watts of power. Each consists of two essential components: sunlight is captured by one (or up to 6) SolarSaga panels, converted into electricity and transferred to the Explorer portable power station. This makes it easy to store and supply power to a huge range of gadgets and devices. You can compare this trio of premium models below and buy from the Jackery UK website and Amazon.

Jackery 1000 Pro solar generator – coming soon

The new Jackery Flagship Solar Generator includes an Explorer Pro Power Station paired with up to 4 SolarSaga 200W panels in the Pro Premium Pack. It can be fully charged in just 1.8 hours (3 times faster than the Solar Generator 1000) and is packed with connectivity solutions.

It features a pair of 100W personal device USB-C ports for fast charging your phone or laptop, supported by 3 x 1000W AC output ports, 2 x USB A and DC car ports. Once charged, you can fully charge a laptop 9 times or an electric blanket for 14 hours. The innovative and durable Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro also won an ISPO award in 2022.

For the runtime of more devices, you can check the graph below:

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro – coming in November

Double that with the 2000 Pro Pack which can handle up to six SolarSaga 200W solar panels. It can be replenished by sunlight in just 2.5 hours and handle a peak power of 4400W, making it ideal for larger devices. If a power outage hits your home this winter, it will power your fridge for over three hours! There are three AC outputs, a pair of 100W USB-C outputs, and a pair of USB-A outputs. Amazingly, it emits only 53 DB for super quiet and powerful charging. Once the summer months arrive, you’ll love this for camping. Hang on to that thought!

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

A long-time flagship from Jackery UK, the Solar Generator 1000 Pack includes the 1002 Wh capacity Explorer 1000. Powered by a pair of SolarSaga 100W panels, the Explorer harnesses 2 pure sine wave AC outlets, 2x USB-C and a Quick Charge 3.0 compatible USB-A port. When fully charged, it will run the electric blanket for 11 hours, a coffee maker for 88 minutes or an electric grill for 55 minutes. The Explorer 1000 Power Station also weighs only 22 lbs and has an easy-to-carry handle that makes it easy to move around the house to power different gadgets.

Green energy for all

In addition to making sure you’re warm this winter, Jackery is on a mission to make green energy accessible to everyone, everywhere. Whether your family loves big camping trips or is striving to have a more sustainable home life, Jackery wants to help you join the fight against climate change and the energy crisis.

Jackery started in California in 2012 and pioneered the concept of portable solar power. In 2015, the company introduced the Explorer line, the world’s first lithium-powered portable power stations. In 2019, she introduced SolarSaga, the world’s first portable solar panels. A year later, the innovations were brought together under the Solar Generator banner, combining power plant and panels for the first time.

Jackery has become the world’s leading producer of portable solar power and as of 2022 is the world’s top selling brand with over 2 million units shipped worldwide.

Jackery’s innovative products have been featured in over 150 media organizations with endorsements from The New York Times, CNET, Digital Trends, Forbes, and Tom’s Guide, among others, while winning over 25 awards.