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Volkswagen ID. Buzz chalks up over 20,000 pre-orders in Europe




Volkswagen had been promoting the electrification of its iconic bus for some time and finally delivered on that promise in 2022. The resulting new version of the MEB platform is now part of the ID. range, and is billed as the most modern take on what set the original multi-seater apart for so long.

They include the use of space in its relatively compact form, its versatility (although that really extends to one more Buzz Cargo variant so far) and, of course, its rear-wheel drive. This VW bus, however, runs on a 150 kWh motor which gives it an estimated range of 421 km in the non-Cargo version.

Now Volkswagen claims to have attracted more than 20,000 orders for the Buzz in Europe since May 2022. This appears to be a coup for the first-generation e-microbus – however, its manufacturer had also mentioned plans not to manufacture more than 15,000 in Europe. 2022.

Additionally, estimates suggest that around 40% of that number could go directly to dealers and possibly reviewers rather than customers. Hence, many early identifications. Buzz adopters may not take delivery of their fancy new e-bus until 2023.

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