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US midterm elections updates live online by state: polls predictions, early voting, races to watch…




Republicans currently lead in major gubernatorial races in battleground states

In Arizona, Kari Lake, who backed widespread conspiracy theories about voter fraud in 2020, is leading the race against Democrat Katie Hobbs.

One of the biggest leads is held by Republican Ron DeSantis in Florida, where he has an eight-point advantage over Democrat Charlie Crist. It does not appear that the debate between the two was able to influence voters in any significant way.

Republicans are also leading in Wisconsin, Nevada and New Hampshire.

For Democrats, these leads are concerning because control of the House of Representatives is at stake. Without a majority in the House, it will be impossible for President Biden to pass other bills and could threaten the electoral chances of the party. in 2024. For Republicans, taking control of the House would show that there is still support for the GOP even with Trump out of the White House.