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Twenty Five Twenty One star Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency rejects bullying allegation, threatens legal action



Nam Joo-hyuk


South Korean star Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency has released a statement regarding the actor’s recent bullying allegation. The agency said the allegation was not true and that it would take legal action against “the media reporter who first reported [the claim] as well as the anonymous source”.

Recently, Joo-hyuk’s classmate told a news outlet that the actor had been bullying the person for six years.

Reacting to the bullying allegation, Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency said in a statement, “We inform you of our official stance regarding the article about actor Nam Joo Hyuk. First of all, we ask for your understanding within the timeframe of announcing our position in order to confirm the facts. After verifying the truth with the actor regarding the initial report, we have confirmed that all relevant information is not at all true. We also express our regrets at the unilateral report of the media who did not verify the truth once with the agency or the actor before publishing the article.

The statement continued, “The agency will promptly seek a correction report from the Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) against the news outlet responsible for seriously damaging the actor’s reputation through false reporting. Additionally, we will be filing criminal charges against the media reporter who first reported [the claim] as well as the anonymous source. The agency requested this file from our legal counsel today in order to pursue legal action, and we are in the process of completing it.

The statement further read: “The actor and his family are in the greatest pain due to the vague gossip and the thoughtless and unconfirmed rumors at all. Regardless of the official statement from the agency or the actor denying the reckless articles that take a “it doesn’t matter if it’s fake” attitude and don’t even verify the truth and only rely on baseless online rumors, the current state leads to [the actor] being marked with a scarlet letter, which the agency really can’t help but feel distressed about.

The agency also said it would take legal action against those who “spread baseless rumors or make speculative reports.” “We will also respond strongly with harsh sanctions against malicious over-analysis and interpretation, actions that encourage this, and malicious posts and comments that go beyond the mere expression of opinions. We will also take legal action with the reference materials we have already collected through our monitoring. We urge you to refrain from spreading baseless rumors or making speculative reports. Through continuous monitoring, we will respond firmly from various angles. Thanks.”

Nam Joo-hyuk rose to fame with shows such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Start Up, and Twenty Five Twenty One.