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Turnbridge® is in-network with Optum




NEW HAVEN, Conn., November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Turnbridge®, the leading provider of behavioral healthcare for adolescents, adolescents and emerging adults, is now networked with United Healthcare, Optum and affiliated plans. This step makes its lifesaving treatment services much more accessible to the 26 million Americans covered by these plans. Optum and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and Cigna and Aetna plans with out-of-network benefits cover the full cost of treatment at Turnbridge’s residential treatment programs for adolescents. These plans also cover a significant portion of the costs of Turnbridge’s Young Men, Young Women and Adolescents Extended Care Program.

Expanded access to Turnbridge’s specialized mental and behavioral health treatment programs comes at a critical time.

Mental health disorders among American youth are so prevalent that the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Academy of American Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Association of Children’s Hospitals declared a national children’s mental health emergency in January. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 20% of children suffer from a mental illness each year, and more than 40% will suffer from it before the age of 18.

Substance use disorders, which are closely linked to mental health disorders, are also on the rise among young people. Monitoring The Future Study, America’s longest-running attitudinal and substance use study, finds cannabis use among young adults has reached all-time highs, with 43% use over the past past year, 29% in the past month and 11% daily. With the increase in use of today’s high-THC products comes increasing rates of cannabis use disorder and cannabis-induced psychosis. The study also finds that binge drinking among young adults has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels and that high-intensity drinking (ten or more drinks in a row over the past two weeks) is more widespread than ever.

Since its inception in 2003, Turnbridge has sought to transform the delivery and effectiveness of behavioral health care to ensure its treatment instills the skills, beliefs, behaviors and resilience that contribute to well-being and success. throughout life. The program implemented its vision of the highest quality care by employing experts in multiple integrated treatment disciplines, basing treatment times on objective measures of clinical progress instead of arbitrary trends, and introducing other innovations such as step programming, specialized experiential and recreational programming, dedicated substance use, and mental health treatment pathways, and an extensive family system education and support program. Having set new benchmarks in holistic, evidence-based treatment and achieved exceptional clinical outcomes, Turnbridge has become an adolescent psychiatry internship center for Yale School of Medicine.

Turnbridge is constantly working to make its treatment as accessible and inclusive as it is robust. In 2018, the program became a network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield and opened its first residential treatment program for teens. This summer, Turnbridge opened a second residential teen program to double its treatment capacity for clients ages 14 to 17.

Today’s Turnbridge Care System includes:

  • Mental health residential treatment center for adolescents in Woodbury, Connecticutfor boys from 14 to 17 years old
  • Mental health residential treatment center for adolescents in Killingworth, Connecticutfor girls 14-17
  • Residential program for young adults at New Haven, Connecticutfor men 18-30
  • Residential program for young adults at New Haven, Connecticutfor women 18-30
  • Extended Care Program for Adolescents in North Haven, Connecticutfor teenagers and teenagers 14-17 years old
  • Dual Diagnosis Community Intensive Outpatient Program in Westport, Connecticutfor guests 18 years and older

“We are extremely proud to become an Optum Network Provider. Not only does this underscore our ability to provide care that meets Optum’s rigorous quality standards, but it also means we can introduce more families to the programs for which we work so hard.effective.Millions of adolescents and young adults across the country are experiencing serious and complex mental health issues.Effective treatment often requires a highly personalized and sophisticated array of coordinated health services, education family and aftercare resources. The ability for Optum members to access Turnbridge makes a vitally important difference in their ability to get the help they need to make a real and lasting impact,” says the executive vice-president of Turnbridge Jamie Hazelton.

Learn more about Turnbridge at or contact an informed representative at (877) 581-1793.

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Turnbridge Executive Vice President
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