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Travelex Insurance Services redefines workplace culture with strengths-based approach




OMAHA, Neb., November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2016, workplace researchers named workplace culture the most influential factor in employee engagement. At that time, companies had been trying to increase employee engagement for several years, with little success.

At that time, Travelex Insurance Services, one of the leading travel insurance providers, took a head start in improving corporate culture. An executive vice president of the company discovered CliftonStrengths®, a model that focuses on identifying and developing employee strengths. Travelex’s executive vice president asked her direct reports to take the assessment and provide feedback.

Developed by the American analysis and consulting company Gallup, Inc., CliftonStrengths identifies 34 strengths, with information on each.

“Employees today expect organizations to invest in their development,” said Austin Suellentrop, CliftonStrengths portfolio manager at Gallup. “Providing employees with focused attention to their strengths is one of the most powerful ways for an organization to engage and connect with team members.

Shannon Lofdahlpresident and CEO of Travelex, was the executive vice president who started using CliftonStrengths with her team in 2016. “We really started looking at our culture to recruit millennial talent,” Lofdahl said.

Lofdahl took the reins of Travelex in November 2020. At that time, she had been using the CliftonStrengths model with her team for four years. The following year, Lofdahl piloted CliftonStrengths throughout Travelex’s management team. In 2022, it implemented the model across the company.

Today, Lofdahl describes Travelex as a “leader with strengths”: every employee takes the CliftonStrengths assessment and learns their top five signature themes, and Travelex offers on-site strengths coaching and workshops.

“This approach is positive and proactive, and diversity, equity and inclusivity are inherent in the program,” Lofdahl said. “We focus on what each employee does well and how we can help them grow and develop, not just as members of the Travelex team, but as human beings.”

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