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These office gadgets help you nail your presentations


Whether you’re presenting online or in person, these desktop gadgets have the right technology. They are exactly what you need for impressive lectures, presentations and presentations.

Do you have a work presentation coming up? Then you probably leave nothing to chance. From your script to your technology, you want every detail planned out. And that’s where these desktop gadgets for presentations come in. They enhance both online and in-person presentations.

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Want a gadget that fits both online and in-person meetings? Then check out Microsoft Presenter+. This useful switcher makes it easy to manage Teams discussions and can advance slides or rewind.

Plus, the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam lets you look your best online with its AI lighting correction. Then, the auto-framing feature keeps the camera centered on you, even as you move.

Impress your boss and colleagues when you use these office gadgets for your next presentation.

1. The PauseMe Zoom video conferencing button enhances your Zoom virtual meetings, easily switching between microphone and video.

PauseMe Zoom video conferencing button in an office

Get more control over your Zoom presentations with the PauseMe Zoom video conferencing button. It’s designed to help you manage your video and microphone in a virtual meeting. So you can easily mute your mic if someone at home comes in while you’re talking.

Get it for $30 from the official site.

Logitech is a go-to brand for high-quality, stylish, and affordable desktop gadgets. Below are 2 of our favorites for work presentations.

2. The Logitech Sight multi-party conference camera captures conversations from the perfect angle, making meetings more inclusive.

Logitech Sight multi-party conference camera in action

Remote participants in your presentation can feel like they’re in the same room with you thanks to the Logitech Sight Multiparty Conference Camera. This tabletop camera works with the Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini. Benefiting from an intelligent multi-participant framing, it brings everyone to the table.

This gadget arrives Summer 2023 for $1,999.

3. The Logitech Brio 500 1080p HDR webcam helps you look your best when presenting online and has a helpful Show mode.

Logitech Brio 500 1080p HDR webcam in use

Feel confident in every presentation and video call with the Logitech Brio 500 1080p HDR Webcam. This camera has automatic light correction and noise canceling microphones. Plus, View mode lets you easily tilt the camera down to view objects on your desktop. It’s one of our favorite desktop gadgets for presentations.

Get it for $129.99 from the official site.

Microsoft has bet everything on devices that facilitate remote working, mainly through Microsoft Teams. Here are some of its best products for online presentations.

4. The Microsoft Presenter+ wireless presentation remote is compatible with Teams but works with other platforms. Use it to facilitate online presentations.

Microsoft Presenter+ Wireless Presentation Remote in Black

Want to give professional caliber presentations online or in person? Use the Microsoft Presenter+ Wireless Presentation Remote. It allows you to digitally point to the screen and advance slides or rewind. Plus, it helps you join the conversation and raise your hand with the built-in Teams button.

Get it for $79.99 from the official site.

5. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera enhances online presentations with its artificial intelligence technology, which crops whenever you move.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera in use

Keep the camera focused on you and your presentation when you have the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 smart camera. Using AI, it reframes whenever you move, a new person interacts, or others people enter the room. So you won’t need to adjust this camera to make your point.

Get it for $799.99 from the official site.

6. The Wyre Storm FOCUS 210 offers presenter tracking features for high-quality work presentations.

Using the WyreStorm FOCUS 210 webcam

Enhance your remote presentations with the WyreStorm FOCUS 210 4K Ultra HD AI Tracking Webcam. This smart webcam automatically keeps the presenter in frame. Then, AI-enhanced lighting helps you look energetic and professional.

Get it for $169.99 on Amazon.

7. The Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone enhances audio conferencing, helping you hear and be heard for more natural conversations.

Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone in black and silver

Tired of blurry conference calls? Improve your acoustics with the Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone. Encouraging realistic speech, it allows both parties to speak at the same time. Meanwhile, the omnidirectional microphone picks up all the voices around it, which is why it made our list of desktop gadgets for presentations.

Get it for $242.32 on Amazon.

8. The Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone is an enterprise-grade solution for better conference calls with its TruVoicelift.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone in use

Enhance enterprise-wide conference presentations with the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone. Its TruVoicelift and advanced zone control combine to highlight voices and reduce noise. Plus, it mounts to the ceiling for an integrated conferencing solution.

The price of this product is TBA. Contact the sales team on the official website.

9. The BenQ EH600 Wireless Smart Projector makes in-person business presentations easier as it connects to your devices wirelessly.

BenQ EH600 Wireless Smart Projector Design

Take in-person presentations to the next level with the BenQ EH600 Wireless Smart Projector. It is completely wireless and works with Mac, PC, iOS and Android gadgets. Moreover, it connects to the Internet, which allows you to search for information on topics during your conversation. It is one of the best desktop gadgets for presentations.

This gadget is priced at $999. Contact the official website for purchase options.

10. The HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam delivers an HDR conferencing experience, helping you look your best with color correction and auto-framing.

HP 965 4K Broadcast Webcam in use

Give an outstanding online presentation with the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam. Its AI guarantees superior image quality up to 4K. Then, AI lighting adjustment and automatic framing translate to realistic colors and images. In addition, Keystone correction improves the appearance of documents.

Get it for $199 from the official site.

Organize any type of presentation with these conference-enhancing gadgets. What are your tips for a great presentation? Tell us in the comments.

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