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Nikon’s latest super-telephoto lens features a built-in 1.4x teleconverter to capture decisive moments with consistent confidence

MELVILLE, NY, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nikon Inc. has announced the new NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S, the latest in an unrivaled collection of high-performance super-telephoto lenses for professionals. The new 600mm f/4 TC VR S offers an unprecedented combination of versatility and powerful performance, boasting the latest optical technology and anti-reflective coatings for ultimate image quality, plus the added benefit of a Built-in 1.4x teleconverter for even more range.

This is a professional lens, creating a new pinnacle of performance for those who capture action, wildlife and sports, while reinventing the 600mm to realize the potential of the largest Z mount. extreme combined with a fast f/4 aperture fills the frame with the subject, creating dramatic isolation with superb background blur. The integration of a built-in 1.4x teleconverter seamlessly scales from an extreme 600mm to a stunning 840mm (FX mode), while maintaining superior optical performance throughout the frame.

“The range, capabilities and value Nikon delivers with NIKKOR Z telephoto lenses continue to exceed expectations,” said Jay VannatterExecutive Vice President, Nikon Inc.. “This new S-line super-telephoto lens is just an exciting addition to the rapidly growing range of lenses, which we will continue to develop.”

Superbly balanced and meticulously constructed for maximum durability and precise operation in nearly any environment, the new 600mm f/4 TC VR S serves as a cheeky reminder of Nikon’s optical superiority and bold spirit of innovation. As an S-line lens, it offers exceptional rendering capability with crushing resolution and beautiful bokeh, with a lens body that’s over 14% lighter than its F-mount counterpart. Additionally, the lens utilizes Nikon’s exclusive SSVCM drive system, locking in precise focus on even the fastest moving subjects quickly, accurately and quietly, helping to get the decisive shot, time and time again.

Created and tested for the most demanding image and video professionals, the new NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S offers users the following:

  • Built-in 1.4x teleconverter: Like two lenses in one, the 600mm f/4 TC VR S can instantly switch between 600mm f/4 and 840mm f/5.6. This allows the user to keep the subject in frame seamlessly, whether it’s erratically moving animals or oncoming cars when shooting motorsports. In DX mode, this range is increased to an impressive equivalent of 900mm f/4 and 1260mm f/5.6, respectively. The teleconverter switch is optimally positioned so users can operate it with one finger of the right hand, while holding the camera grip and maintaining the shooting position.
  • Surprisingly smaller size and lighter weight: Weighing just 7.2 pounds (3260g), the 600mm f/4 TC VR S is 1.2 pounds (550g) lighter than the F-mount AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4E FL ED VR ; allowing for longer hours of shooting with less fatigue. The lens size is optimized to fit in carry-on luggage, with a length of just 17.2 inches (437 mm).
  • Fast f/4 maximum aperture: When shooting fast-moving subjects or in low-light conditions, such as racing motorcycles or swimming, the lens’ bright maximum aperture lets in more light, so users can take advantage of higher shutter speeds for sharper images with minimal blur. A larger maximum aperture with nine rounded blades also allows for beautiful natural bokeh, with the distinctly shallow depth of field of a 600mm focal length.
  • Exceptional IQ with unrivaled optics: The innovative optical formula incorporates three1 ED, one super ED, two fluorite lenses and two SR lenses. Various aberrations, including chromatic aberration, are effectively compensated, delivering razor-sharp rendering. As a result, incredibly high resolution across an entire frame is consistently achieved, even at maximum aperture. Additionally, close-up performance has been dramatically improved, minimizing color bleed from infinity at near distances, despite being a super telephoto lens. Since the optical performance quality control is fully managed while including the built-in teleconverter, extremely high image quality is assured even at the 840mm focal length. The optical formula also takes video and multimedia production into account, with significantly reduced focused breathing and near-silent operation.
  • Nikon’s Amorphous Meso Coat: This coating offers the highest anti-reflective performance in NIKKOR history. With Nano Crystal Coat, the 600mm f/4 TC VR S achieves significant reduction in ghosting and flare caused by incident light from various directions, delivering clear images even in difficult lighting conditions, including stadium lights, direct sunlight and oncoming headlights.
  • Fast and very precise AF control: Nikon’s advanced AF drive system, the Silky Swift VCM (SSVCM)2 simultaneously achieves higher speed, better accuracy and quieter operation than ever before, surpassing previous drive systems. Moving the larger optics of a fast super telephoto lens quickly and quietly is an impressive feat in itself, but the benefits of the SSVCM are enhanced with the guide mechanism that effectively suppresses vibration in the AF drive as well as the optical ABS encoder which contributes to overall AF accuracy.
  • TC compatible for extreme telephoto: Focal length can be extended to 1200mm with the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0×, or 1680mm when the built-in teleconverter is used with the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0×3. Using the built-in teleconverter and 2.3x crop for movie recording with the Nikon Z 9, shooting at a 1932mm equivalent focal length is possible.
  • Superior operability: This is a solid, sturdy and comfortable lens. The center of gravity is shifted towards the photographer for a comfortable balance for handheld shooting or panning. Never lose track of a subject as the lens can be operated by touch alone, thanks to well-placed tactile details such as knurling and small indentations. An ergonomic design provides easy access to controls such as L-Fn buttons, memory adjustment button, Fn ring, control ring, and focus ring without looking. In addition, a memory recall function4 Quickly recalls pre-assigned focus positions that have been saved in advance.
  • High Performance Vibration Reduction (VR): The powerful optical VR function of the lens provides a compensation effect equivalent to shooting at a shutter speed of up to 5.0 stops5 faster, or 5.5 stops when using the Nikon Z 9’s synchro function. Users can also choose the SPORT function, which enables a stable viewfinder image when panning and tracking subjects in movement.
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of professional use: When the weather in the field deteriorates, professionals can still have confidence in the toughest conditions. The lens barrel is made of durable magnesium alloy and offers superior dust and drop resistance performance6 is ensured by the sealing adopted in various areas, including the moving parts of the lens barrel and the mount. Additionally, a fluorine layer is applied to the surface of the front-most element, which effectively repels dust, dirt and moisture for easy cleaning.

Price and availability

The new NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S will be available late November 2022 for a suggested retail price of $15,499.95*. For more information on the latest Nikon products, including other NIKKOR Z lenses and the entire collection of Z-series cameras, visit

About Nikon

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Specifications, equipment and release dates are subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

-Cameras firmware must be updated to the latest versions available before use.

1.) 2 Three ED glass lenses and two SR lenses are used when the built-in teleconverter is on, while two ED glass lenses and one SR lens are used when the built-in teleconverter is off.

2.) An AF drive actuator that combines a voice coil motor (VCM) and a guide mechanism developed by Nikon. The VCM is a motor in which a coil reciprocates in the strong magnetic field created by a powerful magnet.

3.) Depending on the subject, scene brightness and focus position, AF may not work as expected regardless of the camera used, resulting in inaccurate focus, focus slow focus or flashing focus indicator.

4.) Cameras compatible with this function are Z 9, Z 7II, Z 6II and Z 30 only. When using the function, updating the camera firmware to the latest version is required.

5.) Based on CIPA standard; in NORMAL mode; this value is achieved when attached to a mirrorless camera equipped with a 35mm film format image sensor.

6.) Complete dust and drop resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.

*SRP (suggested retail price) shown as a suggestion only. Actual prices are set by dealers and subject to change at any time.