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The Natural Life Business Partnership is Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality and Business Success




FLEMINGTON, NJ, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Isn’t it time there was a professional organization for spiritually evolved people? and financially successful professional? A place where business networking is more about building a relationship than stabbing people with a business card?

Camille Millerfounder and chief visionary of the Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) and pioneer of the Soul Professional Movement is on a quest to disrupt the way people do business and has created a global professional organization specifically for soul-aligned entrepreneurs and conscious leaders who are highly successful and building a strong business in alignment with who they are.

“NLBP is a new type of professional organization created for those who integrate who they are with what they do. My vision is to have you say “I am a soul professional” And someone on the other side of the world answers ‘Me too.’ It is not a community like the others that exists today. NLBP is akin to the American Medical Association, the BAR Association, or any professional association that lends credibility to its professional members and holds each other to a higher standard,” says Miller. “Can you imagine a world where kindness and generosity are how we build wealth?”

After seven years of operation, the NLBP has become known as the disruptor in the professional world and strives to unite soul-aligned entrepreneurs around the world to not only give credit to their work, but also to work as a collaborative community and business incubator where each member benefits from support and mentorship while building impactful businesses beyond six and seven figures. “We know it takes work inside to create outside success, so we offer member-driven micro-communities in business, marketing, finance and diversity, as well as state spirit, self-care and spirituality,” says Miller.

“Our members want to get to know themselves and others on a deeper level. They seek wisdom, knowledge and experiences not found in other professional groups.” Miller defines a Soul Professional as someone who lives in a higher vibration, has an alternative approach to business, and is there to help fix the world.

Do you know what the best part is?

There is no long term commitment required for membership, monthly plans are available so members can easily acclimate to the community and see if it is right for them before making a major investment. “We know this type of organization isn’t for everyone, so we’ve simplified things and got rid of our annual membership contracts,” says Miller.

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The Natural Life Business Partnership is a global organization of highly successful, evolved and authentic business owners who balance their professional and personal lives. We disrupt the idea of ​​what a professional should be by creating an inclusive community for like-minded members to awaken their financial and spiritual potential. Our mission is to advance our professional members by lending faith to their alternative way of doing business and supporting their personal interests and education without the woo-woo stigma. We believe that when soul-aligned, goal-driven business owners are recognized and respected in the professional world for who they are, they will build strong businesses that give back in meaningful ways and help fix the world. . Learn more at

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