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The Graph Of All The Possible Big Ten West Scenarios Is Beautiful Chaos




With two weeks remaining in the season, there are still five teams in contention to win the Big Ten West and earn the right to be strangled by Ohio State or Michigan in the Big Ten Championship Game. Four of the teams are tied with conference records of 4-3 and neither team controls their own destiny – which I honestly didn’t even know was possible.

Purdue, Iowa and Minnesota can all win the division with the least help, just needing to win and another team lose a game – Purdue needs a loss in Iowa, Iowa needs a loss to Illinois and Minnesota needs a loss to Purdue. After that things get a lot more complicated and you can check out the graph to see all the possible scenarios.

That’s what the ACC Coastal is meant to be. But now that half the teams in this division have fallen off a cliff, we have to turn our eyes to the Big Ten West to give us a wild divisional run among the middle teams who have absolutely no chance in the game for the conference title. Coastal Chaos died so Western Wackiness could live.

I just hope all of these teams have fun competing for some title before the winner receives their prize of complete demolition in a game they don’t belong in. Just enjoy the trip.