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The Gathering’ 30th Anniversary Black Lotus Card




With just over a month until Wizards of the Coast releases its Magic: The Gathering 30th-Anniversary Collectors Edition, we now take a closer look at one of the iconic cards that pays homage to the original Black Lotus. This set really emphasizes “collecting” in the “trading card game”.

As Magic: The Gathering continues to expand and grow after 30 years of existence – entering this difficult stage of keeping its core audience and loyal community happy, while tapping into a new generation of gamers – there has been some controversy surrounding this big drop. Priced at $999 (or approximately $250 per 15-card pack), the price effectively set the Celebration Pack exceptionally above the normal product price and is aimed at more collectors as the cards are not legal in tournament. This limited supply will contain four packs containing 15 cards: 13 in a modern frame – one rare, three uncommons, seven commons and two basic lands – plus one basic in the retro frame, an additional retro frame card and a token . .

Taking a first look, the original artwork by Christopher Rush Black Lotus shows the black border, commemorative card back, and “30th Edition” inscriptions on the front. For obvious reasons, gamers probably won’t see too much of it in tabletop gaming, but it’s still interesting to see the evolution of MTG and its recent success in gaining a wider audience – from Kyle Ng of Brain Dead even Post Malone. In this unique card, not only is the story of the most valuable card in the history of gaming told, but also the enduring story of the Power Nine, and most importantly, the legacy of the first modern collectible card game ever. created. Many fans are patiently waiting to see if there will be any impact to the reserved roster of cards once this drops, and they will get an answer soon enough once this Anniversary Pack drops on November 28.

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