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The Best Cards Likely Coming To January’s Crown Zenith Set



Pokemon TCG The Best Cards Coming To January Crown Zenith Set


Although the Pokemon trading card game free him Zenith Crown set in 2023, many of its rare cards were revealed at the start of the special VSTAR Universe collection. Following the release of Pokémon TCG Paradigm Trigger together, Japan will have one last special VSTAR Universe collection in December. Winter expansion retail listings have however already given Pokemon fans a preview of the rare cards that will also be featured in Zenith Crown, who is launched early next year.


In August, Nintendo confirmed that the eighth generation of the Pokémon card game would end this fall, with the release of the Pokémon Sword and Shield silver storm expansion. Many collectors were then surprised when The Pokémon Company revealed that the TCG would actually get a final Galar-era collection next year, called Zenith Crown. Here is a list of the best maps of the Pokémon VSTAR Universe set that players can pull when Zenith Crown launch on January 20, 2023.

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One of the best cards to come Zenith Crownis the superb Hisuian Zoroark map of the VSTAR Universe Position. The rare holographic is not only a VSTAR variant, but it also features detailed alternate art illustration of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ghost-type by artist SIE NANAHARA. The image depicts the Pokémon Unova standing in the snowy fields of the Alabaster Icelands of the Hisui region, surrounded by a whirlwind of spectral energy. The card type is particularly special, because Zenith Crown will be the first set to feature Alternate Art versions of Pokémon VSTAR, making them incredibly rare.

Pokémon Card VSTAR Universe Alternate Art Hisuian Samurott VSTAR

Another must-have collectible that is making its way to the Zenith Crown together is the Samurott VSTAR card. Although the Hisuian Unova Starter already made its VSTAR debut in May Pokémon TCG Astral Radiance expansion, sound VSTAR Universe The variant also features an amazing Alternate Art design. The Secret Rare captures Hisuian Samurott launching into his signature “Ceaseless Edge” move, which consists of a wave of dark-type energy and blade strikes. The colorful illustration of the Hisuian Samurott VSTAR was drawn by artist Shibuzoh, who joined the tabletop game during the Pokemon Generations 20th anniversary set in 2016.

One of Zenith CrownOne of the most anticipated features of is its extensive trainer gallery subset, and one of the best cards in the secret roster centers around Gen 1 Kanto Mythical Mew. The VSTAR Universe The Mew Collection is illustrated by Ryota Murayama, who recently created February’s popular Alternate Art Charizard V card Pokémon TCG Shining Stars expansion. The complete illustration of the Mew card represents the Red and blue Legendary adorably asleep in a Galarian forest, as Pokémon such as Galarian Ponyta, Rookidee, and Nidoran watch in awe. The Secret Rare’s use of rainbow colors easily makes it one of the most beautiful works of art in VSTAR Universeas well as one of the most anticipated cards that will debut in the Zenith Crown fixed in 2023.

Mew isn’t the only mythical Pokemon to be included in Zenith Crownas Pokemon X and Y‘s Diance also makes an appearance in her Secret Rare setlist. The VSTAR Universe The Trainer Gallery card is bursting with color, as the full artwork depicts Legendary Diance levitating with a wall of gems floating around her. Fans of Gen 6 games won’t want to miss this card, as the Kalos Mythical rarely makes an appearance in the TCG. Although Diance was recently featured in the Pokémon TCG Live Voltage expansion, it was not featured as a secret rare since its EX card in the Pokemon X and Y Fates Collision together, released in 2016.

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What will probably be one of the most valuable cards in Zenith Crown, is the Alternate Art Mewtwo VSTAR card. Unlike other collectibles in VSTAR Universe, Secret Rare’s artwork is actually spread across two maps. In the Mewtwo VSTAR, the Gen 1 Legendary is seen charging his Psychic Blast as he battles his fellow Kanto Pokémon Charizard. The map is full of detail, such as the flames that are scattered around Charizard’s muzzle, or the Tangela in the background that was blown off a rock. The Alternate Art Mewtwo VSTAR not only includes two of the Red and bluebut its epic fight scene also comes to life with a textured holographic foil.

The Mewtwo VSTAR artwork is complemented by an Alternate Art Charizard map, which was recently released as a promo in October Pokémon TCG Charizard Ultra Premium Collection. Luckily, fans who missed the sold-out set will have a second chance to get the VSTAR Charizard in the Zenith Crown Position. The rare holographic is a direct continuation of the VSTAR Universe Mewtwo, except his perspective shifted to Charizard’s point of view instead. The Charizard and Mewtwo VSTAR pair cards will probably not only be Zenith Crown‘s most collectible cards, but they will also likely be one of the most valuable rare secret cards to be released over the course of the TCG Sword and Shield time.

Pokemon Fusion Strike Mew VMAX Reprint

Mew will be featured several times in the Zenith Crown setlist, including a reprint of his popular VMAX card from the Pokémon TCG Fusion Strike expansion, which debuted in late 2021. While it’s unclear if the Mew VMAX will retain its original artwork by artist 5ban Graphics, retail listings claim that VSTAR Universe will include reprinted cards with “alternate artwork”. No matter what artwork he ends up getting, fans of the Red and blue games will want to pull this rare holographic Mew when it’s re-released in Zenith Crown Next year.

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