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TECH becomes the official online university of the NBA – Boca Raton’s Most Reliable News Source




The agreement between the NBA and the world’s largest digital university strengthens the global development of students, who will have access to an exclusive academic catalog that breaks with the patterns of online education

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has signed a strategic agreement with TECH Technological University. Thus, the educational institution, which has experienced exponential development, has positioned itself as the Official University of the NBA, offering an exclusive academic catalog to people wishing to specialize in the sports field.

The goal of the Technological University is to bring postgraduate education to the highest level of demand, ensuring 99% inclusion in the workforce. In this way, each program counts on the participation of NBA players and league executives who will offer their expertise on the most relevant topics.

The general manager of the league in Latin America, Arnon de Mello, says that this agreement reinforces the integral development of students and professionals. Specifically, students will have the opportunity to live a unique academic experience by becoming true professionals in the sports industry.

TECH, the official university of the NBA, has gained significant national and international recognition. Recently, Forbes, the leading business and financial magazine, highlighted the institution for its innovative method, calling it “the best online university in the world”. Thus, the success story of the educational group added to the prestige of the League has resulted in an academic catalog that breaks with the patterns of online teaching.

“TECH’s programs introduce the different aspects of the sports industry and provide insight into the NBA and the sports industry in general.” Arnon de Mello, general manager of the NBA in Latin America.

Through this agreement, the world’s largest online university has developed numerous exclusive programs focused on the most key areas of business and the sports industry, with the practical knowledge necessary to become experts in the industry. This represents an exceptional opportunity for people wishing to specialize in the sports sector, with educational resources of the highest level.

The TECH method as an international success story

The NBA’s official online university has stood out for its international projection. In recent years, it has positioned itself as the largest online university center in the world, offering degrees in more than 10 different languages, including Italian. Thanks to this exponential development, the Financial Times newspaper, which specializes in international economic and business news, ranked the educational group among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe.

This growth has been possible thanks to the excellence of the teaching method of the educational institution. The learning system used by TECH, known as Relearning, is based on the reiteration of content through different formats. She thus breaks with traditional teaching techniques and places the student at the center of the equation.

According to various scientific researches, repetition is the best way to learn. TECH offers between 8 and 16 repetitions of each key concept in the same topic, using texts, interactive videos, illustrations and knowledge maps, among others. All designed by qualified teachers who focus their work on combining real cases with the resolution of complex situations through simulation, the study of contexts applied to each professional career and learning based on repetition, through audios, videos, presentations, animations, images, etc.

“The Relearning method breaks with traditional teaching techniques by offering the student the best content in different formats. In this way, he can review and reiterate the key concepts of each subject and learn to apply them in a real environment. »

Based on Miller’s competency model, TECH includes numerous simulated cases, practical examples and real-life scenarios in each program. This guarantees that the student not only integrates the knowledge acquired, but also knows how to apply it in his field of action.

This methodology has acquired an overall score of 8.01, according to the highest international standards. TECH is the only digital university in the world authorized to use Relearning as a methodological substrate. It is the current best online learning system internationally. It combines the greatest pedagogical rigor, the highest academic standards and the latest educational technologies.

All of this has allowed TECH to position itself as the leading institution in higher education. Currently, the institution is present in more than 150 countries, offering more than 10,000 degrees and with a teaching team of more than 6,000 professors, with the aim of offering the most complete, updated and accessible academic catalog of the market.