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Spy x Family Meets Chainsaw Man in a Fan’s Epic Crossover Animation



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Anya transforms into the terrifying Chainsaw Girl in this fan-made video that reimagines the Spy x family telepath bringing Pochita, not Bond, home.

A fan video shows Spy x Family would have looked very different and much bloodier had Anya adopted Pochita over Bond in the anime.

Two Twitter accounts (tanijrou and asakurakii) posted excerpts from a fan-made video on Weibo, the Chinese blog. In the video, the fan, who goes by Tian Zi Yuan, reimagines the Doggy Crisis arc, except instead of Anya meeting Bond, she meets a huge Pochita, the lovable devil dog from Chainsaw Man. Not only does the Forger family adopt Pochita, but Anya gains deadly weapons that help her save not only all other anime worlds from devastation, but with the all-important Operation Strix mission.

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Not only does the fan incorporate Chainsaw Man in their video, but it also nods to other well-known franchises. In the fan video, Anya visits the adoption fair and sees all the pets up for adoption. These pets include Digimon-in-training like Koromon, Yokomon and Tsunomon, Kurama and Gyūki from naruto and some Pokemon. When Anya meets Pochita, she sees a vision of the future in her mind. Completely in love with the vision (“Waku waku!”) and disregarding the lethal weapons, Anya convinces her parents to adopt Pochita.

Anya against everyone

The video continues and features the seamless fan edit, making it seem like Pochita has always been part of the Forger family. However, Anya realizes that it can’t all be fun and fun – she still has one crucial task to do, and that is to earn enough Stella Stars. There’s no better way for her to do that than to transform into a revamped version of Starlight Anya with chainsaws sticking out of her head and hands and take down all the despicable villains in the anime world. : Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen, the twins Daki and Gyutaro from demon slayer and even Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. As a hallmark of every great superhero, an epic soundtrack accompanies the fight scenes, in this case the hard rock beat of Vaundy’s “Chainsaw Blood.” Her efforts are well rewarded when she earns all eight Stella stars. Unfortunately, it all turns out to be just a glorious dream.

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Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man are two of the most anticipated series to air in the fall, and both are huge bestsellers. The two series could no longer be different from each other. Tatsuya Endo Spy x Family follows a spy, an assassin and a telepath as they navigate their perfectly dysfunctional family. by Tatsuki Fujimoto Chainsaw Man follows the journey of a young man who transforms into the fearsome Chainsaw Man and decides to work as a public safety devil hunter. As different as their respective circles are, it’s not the first time Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man bump into each other. Many fans created fan art, and the voice actors took part in an official TV commercial promoting Chainsaw man.

Both series are available to watch on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Source: Twitter, Weibo