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Sproutt Life Insurance: No exam required




Ah, life insurance – something that may not be the focus of our minds, but something good to have under your belt.

With an offer that requires a lot of scrutiny, the best life insurance program will seamlessly provide coverage that meets your preferences. And, preferably, does all the work for you.

Enter Sproutt, a company that uncovers and rewards “hidden” healthy behaviors in everyone. With this mission in mind, Sproutt’s Quality of Life Index (QLI) assesses behaviors that reflect a healthy lifestyle – movement, sleep, emotional health, nutrition and overall lifestyle balance – in order to personalize life insurance policies for each client.

“What makes Sproutt unique is that instead of penalizing you for bad habits or medical conditions, we use big data to reward you for living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your life” , Assaf Henkin, co-founder of Sproutt, told the Post.

With a methodology backed by medical research, Sprout focuses on five pillars – movement, sleep, balance, nutrition and emotional health – to inspire customers to live their best life with “the best life insurance products at the best prices” , depending on the brand. website.


But, Sproutt is most notable for its no-exam approach to life insurance. Requiring no health exams, her program is designed for those who don’t have time to go to the doctor, don’t like needles (right?) and are short on time. to purchase life insurance.

“The reason for [the no-exam life insurance approach] is that our instant product allows us to provide the best deal and the best experience to users who want to buy life insurance online, without having to pass a medical exam,” adds Henkin.

With Sproutt’s no-exam life insurance option, customers can choose “term” or “full” coverage. Here is an overview of each offer:

  • Term life insurance without exam: Has a duration of five, 10, 15, 20 (and so on) years. When the policy ends, the coverage also ends.
  • Whole life insurance without exam: has no duration or limit. This type of life insurance can last a person’s lifetime, including coverage and premiums.

“With Sproutt, qualified applicants can obtain a life insurance policy online in just 15 minuteswithout having to take a medical exam or speak to an agent,” Henkin said.


Besides no-exam life insurance, Sproutt also offers other options to suit all preferences. But, of course, this whole no-review thing sounds like cakewalk.

That’s right – you don’t have to wait until the New Year to start your healthy lifestyle (or get life insurance coverage). With Sproutt, the consumer-centric approach is unmatched.

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