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South Korean Bodybuilder Goes Viral Over Nezuko Cosplay




Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has plenty of lovable characters, but few boast Nezuko’s fan base. Over the years, the heroine has become a fan favorite, and netizens have honored the demon with all manner of cosplays. Now, Eunhee Kang has given her take on Nezuko, and the bodybuilder is redefining the definitions of beauty, brains, and brawn.

As you can see below, the decorated bodybuilder got into the Halloween spirit this month by taking on Nezuko. It turns out that Kang is a Demon Slayer fan, like so many others. So when it came time to get dressed, well, they had to give Nezuko a chance.

Kang is dressed in Nezuko’s usual pink-black yukata, and the costume is pretty faithful to the one you see in the anime. It’s detailed down to Nezuko’s socks and hair bow as you can see. Of course, Kang’s cosplay shows off her impressive physique as the woman is one of South Korea’s most famous bodybuilders. So while we know Nezuko is tricky, this cosplay knocks the demon down.

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If you want to know more about Kang’s work, you can find them on Instagram here as she frequently posts about her gym days. As for Demon Slayer, the series has never been easier to catch up on. Seasons one and two are streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu both subtitled and dubbed. At present, the third season is in preparation and the completed manga can be read in full online using Manga Plus or Shonen Jump app.

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