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Something Dark Boards the Enterprise



Picard Season 3 Teaser


The picard The Season 3 trailer dropped at New York Comic Con last month, and since then the buzz surrounding the news star trek series refused to stop. Season 3 of picard promises an almost complete reunion of the cast of The next generation more of an old villain who was arguably the smartest character on the show. A new villain also appears, played by the amazing Amanda Plummer (pulp Fiction), who honors his father, Christopher Plummer, when he plays General Chang in Star Trek VI: The Unknown Country.

Rumors surrounded picardThe third season since casting information has been released and plot hints have been made. When Brent Spiner was announced for the series, fans wondered what role he would play on the show. Now we know: he doesn’t return as Data but as his evil twin brother, Lore. We are also entitled to the return of Worf (Michael Dorn), Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) and Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden). With a host of surprising characters, there are hints that the show will have a new undertaking.


In short, season 3 of picard is shaping up to be a fantastic finale for the series.

Picard is called upon again

The trailer begins with Picard telling someone he got a distress call from Beverly Crusher. Then we hear Raffi (Michelle Hurd) say, “We are being hunted,” as we see her moving through a crowd, hooded and masked. The whole vibe of the trailer builds tension as we are assured that an unknown threat is constantly in pursuit of Jean-Luc Picard.

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Finally, a giant ship emerges from a nebula, and Amanda Plummer’s voice is heard as she hails Picard as the series’ new villain, Vadic. No one knows who Vadic is yet, but we’ve heard hints that this season was inspired by Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. Vadic doesn’t seem like a boost, but it’s likely she’ll be a dangerous foe for Picard. The very first time we see her, the ship immediately opens fire, apparently targeting the deck of a new Titan.

Immediately after that, we see an older Worf for the first time, whose hair has turned gray and whose face is only slightly more wrinkled than before. The first words we hear him utter are: “You must know that I now prefer pacifism to combat. In the background, Riker sighs and says, “We’re all going to die.” They teleport somewhere, and we quickly see fight scenes interspersed during which Beverly Crusher implores Jean-Luc, telling him that this conflict is only one more attempt to kill him. The violence seems to have become repetitive. Then we finally see La Forge, seemingly frustrated at being “chained to this” with Worf and Riker. Either way, this seems like an upcoming conflict for all of the characters in The next generation crew.

Even Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) seems concerned upon sensing a dark presence aboard the ship. That’s when we hear Vadic’s resolute threat to all that Picard stands for “I’ll peck, and I’ll prick all that makes you, you. We’ll burn the ground under which he stands, and the night will light up from the ashes of the Federation. But first we will get revenge. Then we see terrible explosions and Picard surrounded by aliens that Vadic is working for her. Riker shouts: “Fire everything we have!

Evil gets on board the company

It is then that we see an old man dressed in Victorian English attire slowly raise his head and smile. “Greetings, old friends,” Moriarty said, raising an old flintlock pistol and pointing it at the camera. Moriarty was a hologram created by La Forge on a wager.

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It was designed to be a program capable of outwitting Data. La Forge and Doctor Katherine Pulaski (the head medical officer at the time) discussed whether Data could solve a new Sherlock Holmes-style mystery since he had already memorized the old ones. When La Forge instructed the holodeck’s computer to create a version of Moriarty capable of outwitting Data, the Enterprise experienced some kind of power surge, which made the hologram real. Moriarty would go on to threaten the crew of the Enterprise in several ways.

In the final shot of the trailer, La Forge is confronted by Lore, Data’s evil twin brother. Lore was built by the same scientist as Data but with an Emotion Chip installed. During his “childhood” he began to see himself as superior to organic life and began to be a danger to species on this planet. His superiority complex turned violent when he once tried to feed the crew of the Enterprise to the Crystalline Entity.

We are excited to see what picard season 3 has in store when it debuts on Paramount+ on February 12, 2023.