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Seguro Para Latinos: Helping Latinos Understand Their Insurance Policy and Find the Right Coverage




Led by Jennifer Gonzales, Seguro Para Latinos Leads the Way for a More Inclusive Health Insurance Industry

In 2015, Jennifer Gonzalez was a young Cuban woman who came to Miami, Florida with a dream. For years, she worked hard as a waitress until she found a career selling insurance. It was during this time that she noticed that most Hispanics who already had insurance didn’t understand how it worked. And sometimes they were even exploited by pushy salespeople.

To address these issues within the insurance industry, Gonzalez launched Seguro Para Latinos. Formerly called Sigma Insurance Corp, Seguro Para Latinos is an insurance agency that works specifically with Hispanic and Latino communities. Although the agency offers a wide range of products and services, such as auto, home, medical, life, dental, vision, renters and commercial insurance policies, it is best known for helping clients find the best health insurance, with the right medical coverage for their needs.

“My passion is helping people in my community understand their insurance policy, find the right coverage for them, and provide high-quality service to those in need,” says Gonzalez, who is now vice- president of Seguro Para Latinos. .

Having worked in the industry for three years during this time, the agency having expanded to over 6 locations and 6 different states, Gonzale continues to prove himself as a leader in the health insurance industry in Miami.

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About Seguro Para Latinos

Seguro Para Latinos is an insurance agency that helps Hispanic and Latino communities quickly and easily find the best prices and coverage for their health insurance — and more.

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