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Rising flu and RSV cases early on in the flu season




AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – If you’re feeling a little uneasy, it might be because it’s that time of year again. Flu season is here, and other viral infections are in the mix, so health experts say it’s important to be careful.

The holiday season may be fast approaching, but so is flu season among other viral infections like RSV and COVID-19. Health care providers say it’s important to be proactive to avoid infection.

“We are seeing a noticeably absent and more severe respiratory disease season, including a large number of cases of influenza, as well as RSV, particularly in children,” Dr. Coule said.

AU Health Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Coule says these cold symptoms for any of the viral infections can be treated, first, at home.

“Proper hydration, the use of medications such as acetaminophen or Tylenol, or nonsororal anti-inflammatory drugs can help control fever and symptoms, then getting enough rest and monitoring this patient closely at home. for any aggravation. ”

He says it’s important to know how and what to do or use to care for someone who is sick.

“There seems to be a desire to get, maybe, a demand for totally ineffective and inappropriate antibiotics to treat a viral disease.”

And while there are several viruses to watch out for, he says it’s just something that needs to run its course, and those who might be more cautious are high-risk patients, children and the elderly.

“Patients, you know, younger than six months, those over 65 – those are high-risk groups that are particularly affected by the flu which can lead to significant complications and those people need to be especially careful,” he said. said Dr. Coule. said.

Dr. Coule recommends that they get vaccinated if they haven’t already.

“It’s really important that people, especially those at high risk, get vaccinated and it’s not too late to do so even though we have an early and particularly severe flu season.”

“Most flu cases usually get better in about five to seven days.”

If you feel sick, the doctor says it’s best to stay home and rest.