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Republicans needed to stop USA decline | News, Sports, Jobs




Democratic party policies are killing the American dream.

Here’s what you get if you vote for the Democrats:

Killing babies, arresting pro-lifers, militarizing the taxman, radical gender theory in schools, gun control, depleting oil reserves, suppressed energy independence, high rates of utilities, gasoline and fuels. mortgages, destruction of women’s sports, rampant sex trade, too many “free bees”, wanted workers, illegal immigrants allowed to vote, fentanyl killing our youth, delirium and division, illegal immigration, record inflation, open borders, police defunding, drop in military/police recruitment, low military ammunition, FBI abuse of power, bail cashless, endemic crime, loss of free speech, terrorists entering the United States freely, housing market collapse, lifetime savings vaporized, weakened military, undermining United States history, socialism, chain shortages of supply, sanctuary cities, political correctness, national security threatened, China buying American land.

The Republicans “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) will get our country back on track.

Dennis H. Keller


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