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Renee L. Williams, MD: The Importance of Colonoscopies




Colonoscopies remain the best option for screening patients with colorectal cancer.

In an interview with HCPLive® at the 2022 American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) Annual Meeting in Charlotte, Renee L. Williams, MD, associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone, discussed the importance for individuals to undergo a colonoscopy once they are 45 years old.

Williams spoke in favor of the recent decision to lower the recommended age for colorectal cancer screenings from 50 to 45. She said the decision was particularly important as there has been an increase in the incidence of colorectal cancers in recent years, especially among young people.

In recent weeks, there has been debate about whether colonoscopies are the best screening option for colorectal cancers. However, test adherence is probably the most important factor on which the screening tool is used.

“I think the best test is the 1 that’s done,” Williams said.

However, she also said colonoscopies remain the best option.

“The problem with colonoscopies is that it’s a one-stop shop,” Williams said. “Essentially we go in and we see something and take it out.”

She said the advantage of colonoscopy is that if another test, such as a stool-based test, comes back positive, the patient will still need a colonoscopy.