Renders of vivo X Flip show how it might look like



It seems that this year all the other phone companies are starting to release their flip foldable screen smartphone as render and design schematics of the vivo X-Flip appear. While we sincerely hope for a more affordable price in Malaysia, the design points to a fairly large color touchscreen on the outside under the camera bump.

Other tech specs weren’t mentioned, but the camera bump in the render appears to have quad rear cameras with a column of LED flash and ZEISS branding. The design diagrams say otherwise, as the camera bump only has 2 cameras, but they also mention that the front screen could be 682 pixels while the foldable screen could be Full HD 1080p resolution.


These diagrams don’t appear to show a front-facing camera though, so this could be a way for vivo to cut costs. That shouldn’t be a problem if vivo does it as the external display and rear cameras should be more than enough for most selfies. However, these are just guesses and estimates, so take them with a good pinch of salt.

We’d be quite interested in the vivo X Flip if it’s priced below RM2000 or thereabouts, but what about you? How much would you buy the vivo X Flip? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to



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