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NY Giants’ Success All About ‘Keep Fighting, Keep Battling’




After a five-year streak without a playoff appearance, the New York Giants are on fire in 2022, going 6-1. The team enters NFL Week 8 against the Seattle Seahawks, who sit atop the NFC West with a 4-3 record.

Adoreé Jackson, a 27-year-old cornerback who spent the previous four seasons with the Tennessee Titans, was an exciting addition to the Giants roster last season.

Just before this weekend’s game, I spoke with Jackson about his evolving role with the New York Giants and what it takes to survive and win in today’s NFL.

Andy Frye: The Giants are 6-1. Obviously, the offense is widely recognized in the NFL, but let’s talk about the Giants’ contributions and synergy.

Adoreé Jackson: I think for us it’s always about free football. It’s something big that we preach about and support each other. So it doesn’t matter what happens throughout the game, whether the attack is hot, the defense is not, the special teams are, or vice versa. No matter who is playing hot, we never point fingers. Go ahead, keep competing, keep fighting, and keep fighting. Having that mantra and that saying for all of us when we started OTAs in April, I think that’s what helped us get our synergy and allowed us to play for each other and hold each other accountable and to be there for each other.

AF: In your second season in New York, you played almost every shot. What does it take to evolve and stay in the NFL?

Jackson: I feel like I can stay and grow in the game, it all depends on your mental game. It is (your) understanding that in order to evolve, you must be mentally prepared and always work to take your game to the next level. Whether it’s getting out physically, having that mentality, that physicality that you want to bring out, pushing yourself to do the extra work, doing the extra reps.

It’s hard to get into this league and it’s easy to get out. When you’re here, you try to stay and do as much as you can. Be a great person, do the little things in practice, help the guys around you. I understand that it’s all about competition and I feel like I can stay here, you have to keep having this motivation, this thirst to always compete and always have fun. I feel like if you lose the fun in this game, that’s when everything else says it all. I want to have fun, be mentally sharp and keep your body physically prepared is what keeps you here.

AF: For defensive backs like you, is playing with the QB and picking up interceptions a lot more complicated than we fans think?

Jackson: It’s different when you’re playing defensive end. Obviously, the receivers or the quarterbacks are on the same page, and they know exactly which route they are taking. They can have two different routes depending on the leverage or what you are doing. I feel like for us, defensively, you have to study cinema and be able to anticipate what route or what play might come, but never guess.

I feel like I’m on the defensive end and being able to play against opponents, great receivers and great quarterbacks and being able to make plays on the ball whether it’s a PBU, a pick, force a fumble or whatever being defensive, I feel like it gives you that confidence and that assurance of why you’re doing it and why you’re playing in the league and playing defense.

AF: Your mother Vianca battled breast cancer and recovered. Talk about what Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Crucial Catch mean to you.

Jackson: Crucial Catch and Breast Cancer Awareness Month mean a lot to me since my mom fought and beat breast cancer. For me, I hope it gives people insight to be able to tackle or get ahead of things that they may not know are coming. A lot of people are watching football, and you can see this commercial, or you can see something during the game that just triggers a reminder to get tested or remind someone you love to have annual checkups. Also, just to know that we all go through the same things whether or not we are playing professional football and entertaining the fans.

We are still people and we are all connected. I think this month is great for people, even those who may have lost someone, because it reminds fans that we’re all the same. We are with them and we are together in this fight.

AF: Like New York, your division competes with the Eagles and Cowboys who have had good seasons. How can the Giants win the NFC East?

Jackson: I feel like the NFC East has always been tough, regardless of records or how teams play or don’t play. For us, it’s just taking it one day at a time, focusing on the little things, mentally preparing, and physically preparing our bodies. Also, to be able to step in and fix things that need to be fixed and to understand that no matter how well you do certain things, there is always room for improvement. The things you didn’t do right, you can fix them too.

This is one of the great benefits of playing week to week. being able to make adjustments and self-criticism and being able to go out there and show something different every week. For us, we just have to stay focused on the task at hand and that’s the next game mentality, the next game mentality or the next series mentality, whatever it is.

AF: What does life after football look like for you?

Jackson: I love this game and hope to play for a long time, but I’ve been thinking about my next move since I got drafted. Just like football, you have to stay prepared for what comes next. Apart from some of my businesses, I like to relax and unwind with my family and friends.

Enjoying the hard work I put in and actually being able to enjoy life with my loved ones. I want to give back to the community and be able to inspire and give hope to the next big players. I would like to be a source of guidance for someone. I want to pay it forward and do things that would have helped me or my family when I was a kid. I’m just trying to give back and help those in need of advice. I’m going to take advantage of all the hard work I put in and I’m just going to give thanks.