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New Location, New Tech But News 9’s Purpose Remains The Same



New Tech: State Of The Art Features At News 9


With broadcasts booming here at News 9 in our new downtown headquarters, Oklahoma City joins other major cities like New York where media lives in the heart of the city.

News 9’s Colby Thelen shows how the new location and technology will help us continue our commitment to you, our viewers.

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The product and our focus have not changed, just where and how you see it.

“Viewers are going to notice a different look in our studio,” said Nathan Elliott, director of News 9 News.

This look includes 80 monitors, exactly what a visual aid needs.

“Whether it’s a report, a news item or the weather, we’re going to be able to display it more clearly so our viewers can communicate important information that could either save their lives or have an impact on their lives,” Elliott said.

From alerts to live reports.

“It’s so critical during breaking news or breaking weather events, and with our new technology, we’ll be able to bring more live reporting simultaneously than ever before,” Elliott said.

Inside the building, as a whole, there’s little division — done on purpose, says Griffin Media owner David Griffin.

“Work has changed. What we’ve been able to do is develop a more collaborative workspace,” Griffin said.

A collaboration for the benefit of those outside of space.

“We’re going to be able to communicate a lot faster and get that information to viewers faster than ever before,” Elliott said.

Same product. Same goal. Made better by where and how you see it.