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New Beltway ramp to I-66 opens in Dunn Loring ahead of toll lanes




I-495 North gets a new ramp to I-66 West general purpose lanes, while the existing ramp will lead to new I-66 Express Lanes (via VDOT)

The Capital Beltway gets a new ramp at Dunn Loring as the Virginia Department of Transportation prepares to open another segment of the expanded I-66 expressways.

A new permanent ramp and exit from the I-495 express lanes northbound to general purpose lanes on I-66 West was scheduled to open this morning, VDOT announced Friday, November 11.

The ramp is located on the right side of the ring road, approximately 500 feet north of the existing ramp, and loops around the interchange.

The existing ramp closed today but will reopen on or about Saturday, November 19 as a new connection between the 495 North Express Lanes and the new 66 Express Lanes West, according to VDOT, although the exact date may vary depending on the weather.

The department announced last week that the westbound I-66 toll lanes from I-495 to Route 28 in Centerville will open to traffic this Saturday, with the eastbound lanes following in late November.

The Transform 66 Outside the Beltway project has been underway since 2016, adding 22 miles to the I-66 toll lanes while reconfiguring interchanges and creating a shared-use pathway in the corridor. A 9-mile stretch of track opened between Gainesville and Centerville in September.

Starting Dec. 5, the entire I-66 Express Lanes system will require vehicles to have three or more occupants to be considered high occupancy so they can use the toll-free lanes.

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