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Netflix is making it easier to kick someone out of your account




Netflix Kicks Account Cover.jpg

netflix can’t kick those who share your account, so it gives you the power to do so (although this isn’t necessary if you voluntarily share yours). The video streaming platform has introduced a new feature that allows users to easily kick someone from their account, while displaying a few details regarding the access.

If you are willingly sharing your Netflix account with someone, this feature is not for you. However, if someone is hacking into your account without your consent, this feature is here to help. Netflix’s new Manage Access and Devices feature allows users to track devices using their accounts. There’s a new page showing all the details of the most recently connected devices, including the date, exact time, location the account was accessed, and even IP address.

The blog post announcing the feature gave a scenario when you’ll need it. As the holiday season approaches, many will travel. Some might forget to log out after logging in to places they stayed, leaving accounts accessible to strangers. That’s why the company came up with this new option.

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