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More than $2 million awarded to Israeli Climate-Tech researchers and startups at the Climate Solutions Festival




TEL AVIV, Israel, October 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Climate Solutions Prize, a joint initiative of JNF Canada, Start-Up Nation Central and KKL-JNF, is an annual initiative to encourage climate innovation, awarding more than $2 million in prizes to researchers and startups that offer solutions to the global climate crisis. The initiative culminated last week in the Climate Solutions Prize Festival, a gathering of government, commercial and non-profit organizations dedicated to driving innovation in the climate tech ecosystem.

Hundreds of guests arrived at the festival, held in Hulda Forest in the center Israeland participated in the global large-scale summit and startup exhibition.

The Climate Solutions Prize, created earlier this year, is the most comprehensive initiative set up to support research and innovation in the face of the climate change crisis. The initiative operates in two distinct ways. One is the Breakthrough Research Prize, which offers scholarship to Israeli scientists and researchers. The other is the Startup Track, which involves a series of challenges that offer investment, cash prizes, and exposure to Israeli tech companies. Each Startup Challenge is led by different industry leaders and philanthropic partners, such as Capital Nature, the Temasek Foundation, ESIL, Kornit Digital, SolarEdge and Merck.

The winners of the research track are:

  • Teacher. Avner Rothschild of the Technion

    Topic – Decoupled water electrolysis for large-scale green hydrogen production

    Project description – Green hydrogen (as an energy source) produced by breaking down water by electrolysis. Process for the transformative electrolysis of water with high efficiency and without membranes.

  • Professor Itzhak Mizrahi of Ben-Gurion University

    Topic – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change through sound ruminant design microbiota.

    Project description – Reduce methane emissions and increase feed efficiency of ruminants by identifying microbial components that together enable and support host life and reduce animal methane emissions to the atmosphere.

  • Teacher. Noked Malachi by Bar Ilan Bar Ilan

    Topic – Development of sodium ion batteries

    Project description – Develop active materials for sodium ion batteries to create fuel cells as a more environmentally friendly energy storage system -.

The winner of the Startup track and challenges are:

  • The winner of the Capital Nature Investment course (looking for early-stage startups in sustainable energy, sustainable mobility, green building technology and circularity) is copyprintwhich replaces the very polluting chemical processes of manufacturing electronic cards and antennas by a simple impression of copper inks.
  • The winner of the Temasek Foundation Livability Innovations Challenge (promote a sustainable lifestyle in the southeast Asia) is Marine edgethat reduces ship fuel consumption, improves propulsion efficiency and minimizes carbon emissions for shipping.
  • The winner of the Kornit Sustainable Fashion Tech Revolutionary Challenge (promoting sustainability in the textile industry) is, which is revolutionizing visual marketing with AI, reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. Its technology eliminates turnaround days, lowers return rates and encourages brands to produce on demand.
  • The winner of the Merck Greener Materials Challenge (looking for solutions in green chemistry, sustainable materials, energy and wastewater, and supply chain efficiency) is Smart resilin which produces resilin, a biosourced alternative to polluting materials.
  • The winner of the SolarEdge EnergyTech Challenge (researching renewable energy systems, home and electrical energy management and next-generation storage solutions) is Red solar flowerthat promotes reduced carbon footprint and improved food security through the rapid deployment of gigawatt-scale solar panels in agricultural areas.
  • The winner in the SustainIL Challenge for Early Career Rising Stars Challenge (looking for an early-stage solution) is SolOr, which creates a solar-powered paint for the skin of buildings, which allows power generation to be combined with other functions of building materials.
  • The winner in the SustainIL Grand Pivot Challenge (looking for a mature startup that adapts its existing technology to meet new climate-related applications) is Seevix Material Sciences, which produces synthetic spider silk fibers that are identical in characteristics to those found in nature and which are more sustainable and biodegradable.

“I couldn’t be more excited to see this dream come true by supercharging the ingenuity of Israelthe Start-up Nation, to help solve the climate crisis”. Jeff HartExecutive President of the Climate Solutions Prize. “I am very grateful to everyone involved for contributing to this crucial initiative for our future generations.”

Amnon Ben AmiCEO of KKL – JNF: “KKL – JNF regards the development of knowledge and technology as an important and necessary basis for combating the climate crisis. The award is given after professional consideration and thereafter for outstanding cooperation for an important cause. The grants distributed to the winners will allow Israeli start-ups to develop technologies important to us all and there is no doubt that Israel will continue to lead in the field. KKL-JNF, as the largest green organization in Israelflags the treatment of the climate crisis and we operate in Israel and help organizations and countries around the world become greener.”

Israel is currently home to over 700 technology companies that are already developing solutions to address climate challenges, including sustainable food systems, circular economy, clean energy, efficiency and storage, sustainable mobility, sustainable manufacturing, conservation, and many more” said the CEO of Start-Up Nation Central,
Avi Hasson
. “As a recognized leader in developing advanced solutions to global challenges, Israel is extremely well placed to play a central role in the fight against climate change and provide solutions to the greatest common challenge of our time.”

SOURCE Start-Up Nation Central (SNC)