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Meta Announces New Business Messaging Accelerator Program to Highlight DM Opportunities




As part of its latest earnings announcement, Meta highlighted future opportunities in business messaging and connecting with consumers through message, as it seeks to realign its advertising business with consumer shifts.

Meta has long noted that more sharing is now happening in DMs, as opposed to people posting to their social media feeds, and with that Meta is looking to provide more tools for Messenger and WhatsApp to help brands connecting with consumers where they are increasingly engaging. .

With this in mind, Meta announced a new partnership with business consultancy group Plug and Play on an acceleration program for businesses, which will include the creation of a new innovation hub “to help businesses connect, transact, and serve their customer base through messaging.”

According to Meta:

This work aims to create and implement solutions for more actionable and meaningful business practices by leveraging Plug and Play’s global business innovation platform.

Plug and Play aims to connect businesses with solutions to their technology challenges, through an expanding network of innovation partners that it can assign to different projects.

Plug and Play already works with more than 50,000 startups and 500 global corporations, plus venture capitalists, universities and government agencies, across a range of industries.

As part of this, Plug and Play will now introduce training on Meta Messaging, which could be a big step forward in highlighting the opportunities for business messaging with more brands and making it a more functional and valuable part of the business process.

Plug and Play will run its first three-month accelerator program through the end of 2022. Startups accepted into the accelerator will meet one-on-one with partner companies to analyze opportunities for pilots, new customers, and business development. investments.

This appears to be a key area of ​​opportunity. In addition to the aforementioned trends towards more sharing within messaging channels, Meta also reports that it facilitates over a billion messages between people and businesses every week through its apps.

Meta has tried different ways to monetize messaging in the past, through the introduction of Messenger Bots, shops in Messenger, even streaming ads. None of those worked, but messaging for business and for various other purposes is huge in some Asian markets, and if Meta can get it right, it could still become a much bigger consideration for more of organizations around the world.

And it could also be a key part of Meta’s growth in India, which is now its biggest user market. WhatsApp is a key communication platform in India. So while messaging won’t hit Western markets, it could still be a big part of Meta’s future in some regions.

Of course, he would like to make this a bigger consideration across the board, and this new push, as noted, will work to align with changing usage habits to help Meta cash in in new ways.

You can learn more about the new Plug and Play Accelerator Program here.