Man Arrested In Upstate New York After Pumping Gas For 3 Hours!


A New Jersey man is accused of stealing a lot of gasoline in the Hudson Valley and upstate New York.

On Thursday, New York State Police announced new charges as part of a fuel theft investigation.

New York State Police add charges against New Jersey man in fuel theft investigation

Police search for another possible sniper

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On January 9, 2023, Schodack New State Police arrested Yandi D. Martinez, 35, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, on 104 counts of felony possession of a counterfeit instrument, robbery, all crimes and scheme to defraud, a misdemeanor.

Martinez was treated this week by New York State Police. He was arraigned in Schodack City Court and released on his own recognizance.

In late June 2022, Martinez was arrested following an investigation into several reported incidents of purchasing large amounts of diesel fuel with stolen credit card information, according to police.

Caught pumping gas for 3 hours at Stewarts store, police

hand holding gasoline nozzle


Martinez was found by police at the Stewarts Shop on State Route 20 in Schodack, New York, where he pumped fuel for about three hours, buying more than $3,000 worth of fuel, New York State Police say .

“The investigation discovered that the vehicle he was driving had a hidden fuel storage tank. The vehicle registration was found to be fraudulent,” New York State Police said in a news release.

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104 gift cards found

As police continued the investigation with a search warrant, officers found 104 gift cards hidden in the vehicle Martinez used at Stewarts’ house, officials said.

“The cards were discovered to have been tampered with with stolen or fraudulent credit card information not belonging to Martinez. It was also determined that fuel purchases made by Martinez on January 9, 2023 used credit card information from stolen credit,” added the New York State Police.

Similar crimes committed in the Hudson Valley



Martinez allegedly committed similar crimes in the Hudson Valley. He was arrested by Ulster County New York State Police following an investigation into a fuel theft.

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He was charged by New York State Police Highland F Troop on two counts of felony possession of a counterfeit instrument and petty larceny.

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