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Make foolproof arrangements for Inter-Society Tournament, ITDA PO to officials



Kothagudem: Make foolproof arrangements for Inter-Society Tournament, ITDA PO to officials


Posted: Posted Date – 8:08 PM, Mon – 14 Nov 22

Kothagudem: Make foolproof arrangements for inter-company tournament, ITDA PO to officials

ITDA PO P Gautham held a review meeting at Bhadrachalam in Kothagudem district on Monday.

Kothagudem: Bhadrachalam ITDA Project Manager, Gautham Potru, has requested relevant officials to expedite the process of making arrangements for the sixth inter-company league tournament to be held from November 28 to December 1 in the district.

He held a meeting with the officials in Bhadrachalam on Monday and told them to secure proper accommodation facilities for the athletes. He informed that no less than 1300 boys and girls will participate in the tournament to be held in Kinnerasani and Paloncha.

Separate accommodation facilities for boys and girls should be provided as well as transportation for athletes. Signage should be installed at key locations so athletes and officials coming from different regions can easily know their accommodation areas, Gautham said.

Welcome arches at Kinnerasani entry point. The female workers should stay at Kinnerasani and take care of the girls from time to time, as well as the concerned DD Tribal Welfare Officer should ensure that they are provided with good nutritious food as per the menu, he said. He suggests.

In sports areas, LED lighting devices should be installed around the ground with barricades. Seats for people to watch sports, fresh water facilities as well as medical facilities must be made available, the PO told officials.

On food, he said relevant committees should take special care to ensure that no one is left behind. Glucose sachets, bananas and other fruits must be made available by the ATDOs concerned.

The DD Tribal Officer was advised that female students participating in the March Fast must wear athletic uniforms and shoes. Cultural programs are to be conducted for three days after the end of evening sporting events, Gautham noted.

He asked the authorities and sports committees to take responsibility for the success of the tournament, which was organized in a prestigious manner. Responsible RCO David Raj, EE Tanaji, DD Ramadevi, Sports Manager Dr Veeru Naik and others were present.

Earlier in the day, Gautham detained Girijan Darbar and ordered relevant authorities to take special care of eligible tribals who come from remote areas to submit petitions on various issues and help them avail government social welfare schemes.