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Lovesac Stealth Tech Sofa Review




Feature: 20/20

Comfort level: 20/20

Aesthetic: 20/20

Assess: 18/20

Sustainability: 20/20

Total: 98/100

A sofa has never really been a big deal for me. As long as it’s cute, comfortable, and I’m getting a good deal, I’m in. That was until I came across the Beyonce of couches: The Lovesac Stealthtech Sactional.

Wait, Lovesac isn’t just beanbags?

If you have never browsed the Lovesac Sactional section, there are a few things you should know: sofa size, material, pillow filling, arm shape and color are all customizable. You can choose a 2-seater sofa in black chenille or a 12-seater sofa in white corduroy with rolled armrest. And you can opt for storage seats and deep sides, and all cushion covers are washable.

One of my favorite features is that the sofa configuration is completely interchangeable. From a giant U-shape to an L-shape to splitting into two sofa areas, you can make almost any configuration. I will say this is not a walk in the park to reconfigure. These are heavy pieces and since they are so customizable, you have to move each individual piece into wooden legs to keep them in place. I suggest grabbing the Sactionals mini block set so you can try out different couch layouts for your space before moving it.

What is Stealthtech?

Now that you have all about Lovesac Sactionals, let me tell you about the latest innovation, Stealthtech. In short, it’s in-sofa sound and charging gear that connects to your TV for a surround sound experience.

Harman Kardon technology pairs with a soundbar that connects to your TV via Bluetooth and projects sound not just from the soundbar, but also from the arms of the sofa, for an experience that’s more like being in a theater than sitting in your living room. You can also set your cell phone to designated areas on the arms to charge wirelessly, you know, if getting up to find an outlet proves too daunting. I’ve been using this couch for eight months and I’m still baffled by the sound quality and how well the subwoofer boosts bass. (Avengers Endgame probably wasn’t fun for my downstairs neighbor.)

But… is it comfortable?

Extremely. In fact, one of my favorite setups is when I place the seats in the center to shape it like a big mattress. My husband and I have had many high school style sleepovers. The cushions are nice and supportive and if you find you have a favorite spot on the couch and notice any bumps, it’s very easy to fluff up the padding to reshape them. My only regret is that it doesn’t have deep sides so you sit lower in the sofa instead of higher.

Anything else we should know?

If you already own a Sactional, you can add Stealthtech to your existing couch. Simply purchase the size of your sofa and you can receive the technology directly at your home. And, if you’ve always wanted to add more seats or sides to your setup, you can order the parts individually for easy addition.

Lovesac guarantees that your sofa base will last a lifetime, and all other parts are available for purchase should replacements be required. Plus, when you buy your sofa, you have two months to try it out and if you change your mind, you can simply return it.