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Liverpool man’s ‘amazing’ Google Maps screenshot melts hearts on Twitter | UK | News




A Liverpool man has melted hearts on Twitter after spotting two members of his family on Google Street View. Mike Doyle came across a photo of his late grandfather and grandmother.

Posting the photo on Twitter, Mr Doyle said: “My grandmother passed away in 2015, so it’s great to see that Google Maps has recently added a feature to see old street views, like this this of her dating my grandfather in 2012.

“My grandfather is still alive today, at 90, and he’ll be in makeup when I show him this.”

The heartwarming story sparked a flood of responses on Twitter, with some users sharing similar experiences.

Ken Donagasaki, who said he lost his father eight years ago, thanked Mr Doyle for sharing the photo.

He said: “Thank you for posting this, I just put my old address on it and there’s my dad on top of a ladder outside the house, I lost him almost ago eight years and it really made my day!”

Twitter user Nikki Hughes commented on the post, she lost her son to illness in 2016.

Posting photos of her boy from Google Street View walking down their street, she said: “I found my son Daniel on Google Maps walking down our street in June 2009, he died in October 2016, aged 21 years old, after a long illness.”

Others commented on how much the post warmed their hearts, Layla Wright said: ‘I love this Mike’ with a tearful emoji, while James Kelley added: ‘Amazing’.

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Google Street View uses images taken by Google cars from the street. These are combined to create a “street view” of areas on Google Maps.

The company says Street View now covers more than 10 million road miles. Images are updated from time to time.

However, users can scroll through the images, which is how Mr Doyle and other users were able to find loved ones on the platform.

The mode is accessed by dragging the small image of a person in the right corner onto the blue lines displayed on Google Maps.