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‘League of Legends’ auto chess comes to mobile on March 19th




Riot Games is almost ready to launch its very first mobile game. Today the developer announced that Teamfight Tacticsa League of Legends fashion inspired by Dota 2The popular auto chess mod will be available on iOS and Android devices on March 19. The mobile version will be free and compatible with the existing PC community. It will also come with an all-new tutorial, ranked play, and the space-themed Galaxies expansion announced last month. This includes the free Galaxy Pass and the premium Galaxy Pass+ – a version ‘Fortnite’s Battle Pass which, for a limited time, allows players to unlock special cosmetics with experience points.

The auto battler, if you need a refresher, transforms characters from League of Legends – one of the world’s most successful multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles – in digital chess pieces. You select a starting champion with your Little Legend avatar, then, at the start of each round, slowly buy and deploy more units on a grid-like board. You then battle one of seven opponents (they are randomly chosen each turn) and sit down as your small army attempts to overwhelm the opposing force (troops fight alone, hence the “auto” part) . If you can survive the other seven players, you are declared the winner and win gifts.

Teamfight Tactics is the first of many Riot titles planned for mobile. The developer has already announced a smartphone compatible version of League of Legends called Wild Rift which is due out later this year. A console version has also been teased, although it’s unclear when it will actually be available. Additionally, Riot brings Legends of Runeterra – a League-themed card game similar to Foyer, Artifact and The Elder Scrolls: Legends — soon on mobile devices. (The game actually launched in Singapore last week, if you can’t wait for the global release and don’t mind changing your device’s App Store or Play Store location.)

However, Riot Games is not content with mobile dominance. The company is developing a team-based shooter called Valorant which combines the shooting game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the fantastic abilities and colorful art style of Surveillance. It’s slated for release later this year and is, so far, the only game developed by Riot that doesn’t take place in the League of Legends universe. Additionally, the company is moving forward with Riot Forge, an initiative that allows external developers to build games with the League Licence. The first projects are ruined king and CONV/RGENCEtwo single-player adventures with unannounced release dates for PC and consoles.

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