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Latest pet gadgets you can buy for your furry friends


Looking to upgrade your pet gadgets? Whether you own a dog or a cat, these new pet products are a treat for your best friend. Discover them in the blog.

The holidays are coming up fast. So now is the perfect time to treat yourself and your best friend to some of the latest pet gadgets. These gadgets feature the latest pet technology available and help you keep your furry friends healthier, happier and safer than ever.

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Your pet’s health is always on your mind. And because Fido can’t easily tell you if he’s in pain, Whistle Health helps. It monitors your dog’s consumption of alcohol, food, sleep, etc., so that you are informed of his health status.

Then, if you’re looking for a toy that will keep your cat on her toes, consider the Pixie Mouse interactive toy. Shaped like a mouse, this interactive cat toy has a colorful tail that lights up as it moves erratically on the ground, sharpening your cat’s hunting skills.

Spoil your fur baby with the latest and greatest pet gadgets below.

1. The Dyson Groom tool and brush takes the mess out of grooming as the vacuum removes loose hair straight from your dog.

Dyson Married
Dyson Groom grooming a dog

Fido needs to be neat, but the process can be quite complicated. Get a helping hand with the Dyson Groom tool and brush. This gadget prevents pet fur from spreading around the house by capturing loose hair. It also removes dead skin cells from your pet, keeping them comfortable.

Get it for $69.99 from the official site.

2. The Whistle Health dog tracker monitors your best friend’s behavior, letting you know if he’s drinking, sleeping, exercising and more.

The latest pet gadgets you can buy for your furry friends
Health whistle on a dog’s collar

Easily spot illness or other health issues in your dog with the Whistle Health Dog Tracker. It tracks Fido’s food and water intake, exercise, sleep and more. This way you can act quickly if something goes wrong.

Get it for $59 from the official site.

3. The Blink Mini Pan Tilt Rotating Indoor Security Camera pans any room with 360° coverage, allowing you to monitor your pet while you’re away.

Mini Panoramic Tilt Indicator
Blink Mini Pan Tilt on a Dresser

Need to leave mittens at home while you go away for the weekend? Check them anytime with the Blink Mini Pan Tilt Rotating Indoor Security Camera, another of the latest pet gadgets. While this camera is great for security, it’s also handy for monitoring pets with its two-way talk functionality.

Get it for $59.99 on Amazon.

4. The Cheerble KiTiDOT Amusing Collar wearable cat toy adds a laser to your cat’s collar. The elusive red dot satisfies their hunting needs.

Cheerble KiTIDOT Amusing Collar product video

Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise and stimulation with the Cheerble KiTiDOT Amusing Collar Wearable Cat Toy. This smart cat toy is equipped with a laser that your cat can chase. It even offers 3 beam modes.

Get it for $26.99 from the official website.

5. The Nina Woof AirTag Compatible Dog Collar sits stylishly around your dog’s neck and provides an ideal holding pocket for an AirTag Pro.

Nina Woof AirTag Compatible Vegan Leather Dog Collar
Nina Woof AirTag Compatible Dog Collar in Beige

Keep Fido stylish while you keep tabs on their whereabouts with the Nina Woof AirTag Compatible Dog Collar. It is made from vegan leather and recycled PU and natural fibers. Plus, it’s from a PETA-certified vegan company.

Get it for $34.99 on Amazon.

6. Whisker’s Litter-Robot 3 Connect keeps your home fresh as it cleans itself after every visit.

Litter-Robot 3 Product Video

Share a better-smelling home with your cats when you add the Litter-robot 3 Connect by Whisker Automatic Litter Box Cleaner, one of the latest pet gadgets we love. This cool litter box cleans itself after each use. There’s even a MoonGlow NiteLite, which helps your cat see it at night.

Get it for $549 from the official site.

7. Whisker’s Feeder-Robot makes sure your pet gets the right amount of food at the right time every day.

The latest pet gadgets you can buy for your furry friends
Feeder-Robot by Whisker and a Cat

If you often work late, the Feeder-Robot by Whisker automatic feeder keeps your pet on their feeding schedule. This automatic cat feeder lets you program portion-controlled meals on the app. Plus, the anti-jam technology ensures food never gets stuck.

Get it for $299 from the official site.

8. The PETKIT PURA MAX extra large litter box is ideal for owners of several cats. The 76 liter cylinder offers plenty of space for your cats.

The latest pet gadgets you can buy for your furry friends
PETKIT PURA MAX in a house

Own more than one cat? Then consider the extra large PETKIT PURA MAX litter box. It adapts to the use of several cats and automatically filters out all clumps. Meanwhile, its sealed waste drawer traps odors while the Smart Spray feature further eliminates odors.

Get it for $569 from the official site.

9. The PETKIT Eversweet 3 Pro makes your pet’s water maintenance easy. Its multi-layer filtration system eliminates hair, dust, odors and heavy metals.

PETKIT Eversweet 3
PETKIT Eversweet 3 Pro with drinking cat

Kitty will always have fresh, great-tasting water to drink with the PETKIT Eversweet 3 Pro. Its robust filtration system keeps the water clean and healthy. Then the PETKIT app allows you to monitor the water and filter status at all times. It is also one of the latest pet gadgets.

Get it for $79.99 from the official site.

10. The PETLIBRO Pixie Mouse interactive toy is a fun and quick challenge for your cat, keeping their hunting instincts sharp and healthy.

The latest pet gadgets you can buy for your furry friends
Interactive Pixie Mouse toy with a playing cat

Looking for a fun new mitten toy? Choose the PETLIBRO Pixie Mouse interactive toy. This adorable interactive cat toy has a flashing tail with colorful lights. It zigzags and zags on almost any surface and avoids collisions. And, if it flips, it even resets.

Get it for $29.99 from the official site.

Update your pet gear with one of these pet parent products. What pet gadgets do you use? Let us know!

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