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KP facing economic crisis owing to Centre’s animosity: MPA




HARIPUR: Former provincial minister and MPA Akbar Ayub Khan said on Saturday that the federal government had not paid a single penny to the provincial government due to the Hydel net profit thanks to which the configuration led by Mahmood Khan was facing the worst crisis economic.

“And the process of development in the province has stopped and he has not been able to pay the monthly salaries of his employees,” he told reporters during a visit to the Haripur Press Club where he came to facilitate the new rulers.

He said that the federal government had deliberately stopped the payment of 60 billion rupees from the NHP to the KP province, which consequently exposed the province to the worst economic crisis.

He claimed that the people of the province bore the brunt of the political vendetta that the Center had unleashed against the KP government.

“A major cut of 35% in the new development budget has crippled development projects,” he said, adding that the provincial government had been pushed to the wall in such a way that it was unable to to pay the salaries of its employees.

He said a sudden and ill-planned rise in property tax from 4% to 15% had taken a toll on the construction industry, the biggest industry providing jobs.

He said that the land tax was a purely provincial matter and that the collection of the revenue from that head was the right of the local governments.

He said that in spite of all the crises, the provincial government gave a subsidy of Rs 35 billion for wheat flour and was spending Rs 30 billion to provide health care to the people through the Sehat card.

“It is an undeniable proof of the sincerity of the PTI government which, against all odds, is trying to provide all possible assistance to the people of the province affected by inflation,” he said.