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Kim Tae-ri Subtly Warned Fans About the Emotional Finale




Even weeks after the emotional finale of twenty-five twenty-one, fans are still not over the result. Netflix’s K-drama focused on the complex yet resonant friendship and romance between Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin. Fans were busy developing theories as to whether Yi-jin and Hee-do stayed together at the end. twenty-five twenty-one Actor Kim Tae-ri may have subtly warned fans about the heartbreaking finale.

Actor Kim Tae-ri as Hee-do in the finale of
Actor Kim Tae-ri as Hee-do in the ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ finale | via tvN

Hee-do and Yi-jin fall in love but instead become each other’s first loves in “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”

Hee-do and Yi-jin met after she smashed the statue as her home, and they later met at the local comic book store. Their chance meeting begins their friendship transformed into a love story. After the IMF crisis that bankrupted Yi-jin’s family and Hee-do with no one to support his career, they became each other’s safety net. Fans clearly saw the developing moments of a romance between the character.