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Kat Rose And Jared Hassim Announce Split



Love Island USA Kat Rose And Jared Hassim


Love Island USA Season 4 contestants Kat Rose and Jared Hassim announce they have split after trying to make things work outside of the villa.

Another one love island usa The couple broke up as Kat Rose and Jared Hassim announced they were no longer together. The news comes weeks after Mady McLanahan and Andy Voyen announced they had decided to just be friends. The two met inside the villa when Mady stormed in and quickly bonded with Andy after getting to know him. The two went through a rough patch when Andy went behind her back and kissed Sydney Paight before re-coupling with her, but eventually they got back together. Mady recently opened up about the weird situation that led to their breakup on the after the island podcast.


Kat and Jared entered the love island usa villa with Nadjha Day as the last bombs before Casa Amor. Kat was in a relationship with Chazz Bryant but felt a connection between her and Jared. Jared unfortunately returned from Casa Amor with Chanse Corbi, and Chazz returned with Bella Barbaro, leaving Kat single. However, she and Jared quickly reconnected, but since he was still coupled with Chanse, the two were rejected together. Kat felt that there were no more love opportunities at the villa and self-eliminated to be with Jared.

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The two had been spending a lot of time together and documenting it on social media, but recently announced they were taking a break. Kat explained the situation on her Instagram Story, writing, “I received a few questions recently regarding the relationship between Jared and me and wanted to clear things up. We both decided it was best to focus on ourselves and make time for each other.” The love island usa The candidate reassured her followers that she and Jared are still very good friends and appreciate the support they have received from the love island usa Fans.

Prior to splitting, Jared was featured on Kat’s YouTube channel in a video titled My boyfriend tries ASMR. Jared also shared a photo of the two having dinner on his Instagram page. The last three couples, Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi, Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell, and Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray, are still going strong. Sydney and Isaiah mostly spent a lot of time together and documented it on all of their social media profiles. Sydney took some time away from Isaiah to take a girls’ trip to Las Vegas, but made sure to tag him in one of her Instagram Stories, telling him she misses him.

It’s sad to see another love island usa the couple grew apart, especially since Kat left the villa to be with Jared and was sure he was her person after failing to connect with anyone else. Luckily, the two are still on good terms and it’s possible they will reunite. Either way, there are far more love opportunities for them in the real world than there have ever been in the world. love island usa Villa.

Source: Kat Rose/Instagram