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Jurassic Park Fan Game Is So Faithful To The Movie It’s Actually Scary



An image of a Velociraptor as seen in the Jurassic Park Operations fan game.


Krenautican has revealed a trailer for Jurassic Park Operations, a fan-made first-person survival game made entirely in PlayStation Dreams.

A trailer has been released for a fanmade jurassic park game that looks incredibly faithful to the 1993 film. Krenautican is known for his work in Media Molecule’s dreamsand created a variety of jurassic park– themed videos using the exclusive PlayStation Creative Suite, such as the iconic T-Rex escape scene or the climactic showdown between the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus and Therizinosaurus from the latest film, Jurassic World: Dominion​​​​​​.


Towards the end of the breakdown detailing how they recreated jurassic parkthe famous T-Rex scene in dreamsKrenautican has revealed that they are working on a fan-made survival game called Jurassic Park Operations in dreams alongside a team – now named Genetic Games – and had already developed most of the assets for this title. They then gave fans a first look at Jurassic Park Operations‘ first-person gameplay, with dialogue revealing that it would take place at the same time as the events of the original 1993 Steven Spielberg film. Krenautican has now revealed the first full trailer, featuring several of the faithfully recreated dinosaurs and iconic locations for players to explore in-game, as well as Jurassic Park Operations‘ new horror-inspired gameplay footage.

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Jurassic Park operations will include locations not seen in the movies

Jurassic Park Operations - River Adventure

Jurassic Park Operations‘ trailer derived from the films and revealed a place very familiar to fans of the jurassic park novels: the river. The river featured in Michael Crichton’s original book includes an exciting sequence in which Grant, Lex and Tim are chased down a river in a raft by a T-Rex. Concept art showed that the sequence was once planned for Spielberg’s 1993 film, but was likely cut due to the logistical issues of filming with the animatronics in the water. It was, however, used as the inspiration for a popular ride in Universal Studios theme parks, and was made into a notoriously difficult level in the SEGA Genesis jurassic park movie linking game.

Krenautican’s past jurassic park-inspired work within dreams was highly praised by dinosaur fans. Perhaps the highest praise was for one of Krenautican’s videos which featured Jurassic World: DominionMedia Molecule’s new dinosaur, the Therizinosaurus, which came from one of Media Molecule’s artists, Martin Nebelong. Nebelong called it one of the best works he had seen in dreams so far due to his camerawork, sounds and sculptures, all of which were created from scratch in dreams.

As the trailer served as the main reveal for the title, there is currently no release date for Jurassic Park Operations. Due to such praise for their previous videos, many fans are likely eager to see how Krenautican and Genetic Games approach a full game in the world of jurassic park. So far, the trailer and gameplay footage looks extremely promising.

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Source: Krenautic/YouTube