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Jefferson County Commissioners discuss roads, schools, wind farms in in letter to public – SOUTHEAST




Maintenance and improvement of roads and bridges, as well as citizen safety and law enforcement will always be our top priorities. The county’s road and bridge system is the lifeline of our county and we work hard to maintain and improve it. The county’s one- and six-year road plan is at the heart of this effort. We reviewed and approved the 2022-2028 plan earlier this year. Every citizen of Jefferson County should feel safe, and we work hard to ensure we have a first-class law enforcement department led by our sheriff. The majority of the county budget is allocated to these two areas. Additionally, we have been successful in securing state grants and programs to help us do even more in these areas, reducing the use of Jefferson County tax dollars. We ensure that our road and law enforcement vehicles, radios, personal equipment and all our equipment are continually updated and maintained, as well as the recruitment, training and retention of a workforce. quality work. These are all necessary elements to achieve the goal of providing superior service to our citizens.