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INTJ Anime Characters That Aren’t Stereotypical Edgelords




In this article:

  • Learn a little more about the INTJ personality type and what makes an INTJ think the way they do.
  • Get to know some of the coolest INTJ characters in anime, some of whom you probably never considered might be INTJ due to personality stereotypes.
  • Find out if you might be an INTJ and how to tell if you are or not.

INTJs and INFJs have a bit of a mythical reputation on the internet. While INFJs are stereotyped as hyper-empaths who can read minds, INTJs are seen as masterminds of epic proportions who can plan movement thousands of steps ahead of their enemies. For this reason, it’s no surprise that many people who consider themselves master tacticians like to jump at the chance to identify with the INTJ type.

And it certainly doesn’t help that INTJ anime characters are cool. Characters such as Lelouch and Light Yagami live free in the minds of anime fans due to their badass and smart nature, making them obvious choices to be INTJ anime characters.

That’s why you won’t find them here. Instead, we’ll look at INTJs you probably didn’t think of as INTJs.

INTJ Anime Characters Who Aren’t Just Pissed

Most fictional INTJs are villains or, at the very least, antiheroes. Due to their obvious self-interest, sinister demeanor, and calculating view of everything, there’s a misconception that all characters who act like that are INTJs, and all who don’t have to be of a different type. This ignores the rest of the INTJ mindset, especially the side of INTJ that is tertiary oriented Introverted feeling (FI) and tertiary Extrovert detection (SE).

1. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho is an INTJ female character from the hit anime series demon slayer. She is also one of the few INTJ anime characters.

Shinobu is Kanae Kocho’s sister and Kanao Tsuyuri’s adoptive sister. To everyone around her, she is the Insect Hashira, marking her as one of the best warriors in the Demon Slayer Corps. That said, she is not physically strong as she herself admits that she is the only Hashira physically incapable of beheading demons.

To circumvent this weakness, Shinobu coats his blade with a poison that subjects his demon enemies to a slow and painful death. It’s an obviously smart move, true, but there’s a side to Shinobu’s introverted tertiary feeling: she’s vindictive.

Shinobu takes a perverse pleasure in dominating her superior moral position, however justified, over the demons to the point that she plays with them. At the same time, however, she is seen to be incredibly gentle with people she considers beyond reproach such as in the scene where she deals with victims turned into spiders.

While it’s possible for her to be an IXXJ of any kind, Zenitsu points out that she has a very strange way of speaking which may indicate a lack of social awareness that usually accompanies Extraverted Feeling, the auxiliary function of the INFJ and the ISFJ. .

2. Kaguya Shinomiya

Shinomiya is as sweet and simple as INTJ characters come. She’s shy and reserved, but not like other introverted types tend to be. Shinomiya seems to be more than comfortable in positions where she has to take charge and be center stage if there are clear, non-personal goals (as in, unrelated to social relations) stakes.

Fortunately for us, there is an episode in season 2 of love is war when Shinomiya talks to the little Shinomiyas in his head where Ice Queen Kaguya (Extroverted Auxiliary Thinking) and Fool Kaguya (Introverted Tertiary Feeling) together weigh in on how Shinomiya should proceed to celebrate the President’s birthday.

While Fool Kaguya wants to go all out for the birthday and make it obvious how Shinomiya really feels, Ice Queen Kaguya insists they keep playing the game and get Shirogane to confess first.

Despite all the planning that went into it, it’s clear that none of the three have thought ahead enough to think about the social ramifications of giving Shirogane a cake that looks like a wedding cake.

Before the episode ends, a young Judge Kaguya (lower extroverted detection) pops up out of nowhere to let them all know that they’re overthinking this – ascribing too many meanings and value to something as simple as to give a gift.

3. Phantom Sky

Ciel is a more obvious INTJ than the previous two, but the fact that he’s so young lets us see exactly how he struggles with his own tertiary and lower functions. He is more than comfortable with planning and executing long-term plans, even if the plan covers something that far into the future or is a tough moral decision to make.

Where he gets upset is when he remembers what he really is at heart: a child. He becomes shy about being pampered by Madame Red and insecure about appearing less manly around Elizabeth. On a more insidious note, he’s willing to destroy his own family name and reputation in revenge, if it ever comes to that.

4. Kobayashi

Not all INTJs live high power lives. Contrary to stereotypes, no, your type does not determine your actual intelligence let alone your life trajectory. All of this is just giving you a glimpse of how you think.

Kobayashi’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a great example of an everyday INTJ you might encounter on the street. She is reserved but is also surprisingly kind to those she truly cares about, with the caveat that she ignores just about everyone. She can also have a toned-down party streak as seen when she gets drunk.

With her lower extroverted sensing beginning to develop, she is more comfortable being physically expressive and aggressive to the point that she will want to force those around her to have fun with her.

The way she acts around Quetzalcoatl and accidentally says rude things indicates a lack of social awareness and skills common to types with the extroverted feeling as a blind spot.

5. Nico Robin

Nico Robin, if you can’t look past her looks, may fly under an INTJ’s radar because of her stylish outfits, but that’s basically the case for all other female characters. If you want to be particular about it, you can chalk it up to lower extrovert sensing’s fascination with beautiful things.

Robin often exhibits dominant introverted intuition by making it clear how often she thinks her teammates meet terrible ends. These aren’t just “improbable but possible” extrapolations that dominant Extraverted Intuition (EXFP) types like to make, but are reduced to the most likely outcome. For example, after the Skypiea is eaten by a giant sea turtle, she immediately assumes that her friends were also swallowed.

While she loves history, she doesn’t fixate on her past or get trapped in her comfort zone like the types with Introverted Sensing (IS) in their stack do. Yes, she is a historian, but Ni also appreciates objects and ideas for what they mean. Si is eliminated by her comfort in dangerous situations, as she knows she can handle them anyway – a good sign that she is at least an XNTJ who has grown up in her outgoing sensing.

What makes INTJs INTJs?

If you’re wondering what all this introverted, extroverted talk is all about, it’s because we type function-based characters. Look, the truth is, you’ll never get a 100% clear idea of ​​every character and their type just because there isn’t enough data to work with most of the time. But with cognitive functions, we can come close.

The cognitive functions of the INTJ are:

  • Dominant: Introverted intuition
  • Auxiliary: extroverted thinking
  • Tertiary: Introverted feeling
  • Inferior: Extrovert detection

Introverted intuition is a pattern seeker’s way of thinking that favors ignoring the physical facts of reality in favor of what they probably mean and what they might mean in the future. This is why INXJs are stereotyped as psychic or, if immature, delusional.

Meanwhile, extroverted thinking favors a solution-based approach to the world rather than the formal logic preferred by introverted thinkers. That’s why the stereotype that INTJs are logical and extremely cautious isn’t 100% true: extroverted thinking likes quick, simplified solutions that work most of the time for most things.

Things get dicey as we move into the tertiary Introverted feeling where INTJ and ISTJ both share a secret about how they really feel, even though they might not be afraid to tell you what they think. Tert Fi is also to be thanked for IXTJ’s strong personal moral codes and secret weak spots for things you least expect.

Inferior Extrovert detection is the feature we rarely see in play on shows and in the real world, it can make it harder to identify older, healthier, more developed INTJs, because Se goes against the usual insecurities young and underdeveloped INTJs to their physical environment and their own physicality.

Are you an INTJ?

Being an INTJ is cool, but it’s about as cool as any other feature stack. Really, INTJ isn’t that special, you don’t get powers just by having that personality type in the real world. If you really want to know what your true MBTI type is, you might want to check out our guide to the Sakinorva MBTI test which helps you get started determining what all of these cognitive functions are and their axes.