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Inside Lady Gaga’s Stylish Real Estate Portfolio



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Despite all her eclectic outfits and wild antics, Lady Gaga considers herself a homebody at heart. The A star is born the actor extolled the virtues of a quiet family life in September 2018 vogue cover, calling his Malibu mansion his “sanctuary.” [Her] oasis of peace.” Over the years, she’s owned or rented a handful of properties in both Southern California and her hometown of New York, though these days she prefers the quiet of the West Coast to the Eastern bustle. “I just got rid of my house in New York – it was too hectic every day outside on the street,” she said in the same vogue interview, adding that California’s slower pace allows him to focus “on the things I believe in. … I’m embarking on new territory – with some nerves and some joy.” Here we’ve rounded up some of the places Gaga has called home.


Three years before his arrival on the scene with the release of Fame, Gaga was just another musician trying to make a name for himself in New York. The singer rented a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on the Lower East Side and reportedly wrote much of her debut album there. She brought Anderson Cooper to the pre-war building during a 60 minutes interview in 2011, but she was unable to show the exact unit she lived in because the current tenant didn’t feel comfortable letting cameras into her home. Luckily for fans, however, another unit in the same building hit the rental market for $2,000 a month in March 2021, giving Little Monsters Everywhere a taste of Gaga’s pre-production.Notoriety life. The typical New York apartment had hardwood floors, 10-foot ceilings, two large windows in the bedroom, and a set of French doors separating the bedroom from the living room. The unit where Gaga lived had previously been marketed in 2011 and 2015, according to People.


Following the success of Fame, Gaga rented a six-bedroom, eight-bathroom residence in Bel Air for around $25,000 a month. Images of the property reveal a Mediterranean-style pad set behind paparazzi-proof security gates, with a double-height entrance hall for that perfect grand entrance. Wrought-iron railings and crystal chandeliers added to the opulence of the space, while a large backyard pool offered sweeping views of the city below. It’s unclear how long Gaga stayed at the Bel Air home, but it was undoubtedly a welcome oasis of relative calm considering all the pandemonium around her during that time.


Lady Gaga in the lobby of her old building in New York’s Central Park South.

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

As Gaga continued her upward career trajectory, she rented a $22,000-a-month penthouse just south of Central Park. The 2,000 square foot duplex was located in a building known to celebrities – Lance Armstrong and Liza Minnelli were reportedly former tenants – in large part because of the privacy it offers. Gaga’s pad featured four decks, two wood-burning fireplaces, a walk-in closet, and a grand staircase. The stylish star left her creative mark on the unit during her time there, decorating the place with Hinson Martinique wallpaper, the leafy print synonymous with the Beverly Hills Hotel, as well as pink mirrors.