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How To Read The Manga After Season 2?



Demon Slayer How To Read The Manga After Season 2


Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc concluded after giving us an incredible eleven episodes. Now, as the community waits for season 3 of the anime series, some fans might want to start reading the manga to see the conclusion of Tanjiro’s story. In this case, they will have to start the manga from the point where Season 2 ended.

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So far, Ufotable has faithfully presented every event as it happened in the Demon Slayer manga series. So it’s important to note that reading the manga will spoil the anime for anyone moving forward. Anyway, if you can’t wait for the anime to return, you can always find out the next story arc through the manga.


Updated by Shivam Gulati on October 17, 2022: There is no new information regarding the manga chapter, but we have made some formatting changes to give you the answer faster.

Where does Demon Slayer season 2 end?

The last episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 adapted chapter 97 of the manga series, so it would have to from chapter 98 if you want to follow the events after the Entertainment District Arc. Interestingly, the next two chapters (Chapters 98 and 99) were not covered in the last season. So, that’s something that Ufotable could have planned to cover in Season 3.

Once you have finished reading the remaining two chapters of the entertainment district bow you can move on to the next story arc, Village of blacksmiths. The the new story arc starts in chapter 100 and ends in chapter 127.

You can read all chapters of Demon Slayer on Viz Media. The platform lets you read the first and last three chapters for free, but you’ll need a Shonen Jump subscription to unlock the entire manga series.

Entertainment District Arc was undoubtedly one of the best story arcs for demon slayer Fans. The final episodes of Season 2 were on par with the Mugen Train movie in terms of animation, sound effects, and voice acting. The spectacular battle between Demon siblings and Tengen, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu made it one of the best anime series of all time.

Additionally, the last episode featured Gyutaro and Daki’s backstory. Nezuko also surprises everyone by healing Tengen and Inosuke, thus saving their lives. Anime fans were happy that Tengen didn’t die in the field like Rengoku, but it’s disheartening not to see a lot of Sound Hashira in the next story arc.

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