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A vehicle from Free Fire, now in Grand Theft Auto 5 (Image via


Mods are what make games interesting and replayable even after many years. This is especially true for GTA 5, given that Rockstar hasn’t released another Grand Theft Auto game since release.

Mods are often based on content from other games, and Free Fire is one such title that has been featured in several Grand Theft Auto 5 mods. This article has all the details players need to get these mods.

All about Free Fire mods in GTA 5

Where to download mods from

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Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game for mobile devices running Android or iOS. It has a large and dedicated fan base that loves the game, and especially its characters. Some Grand Theft Auto 5 modders have recreated these characters along with items such as weapons and vehicles.

These can be found on a website called There are over 3000 mods available on the website, and many of them have been featured by content creators on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. One fact players should keep in mind is that none of these mods are free.

Many mods on the website are based on fan requests and feature content from popular and trending things. Mods based on Among Us, Poppy Playtime, Free Fire, Apex Legends, Disney movies, anime series and many more are available on GTA5MODAZ.

How much do the modules cost?

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These mods are available in a variety of payment options. Some of them only require one-time payments, while others require monthly subscriptions. Individual mods cost $4.95, $9.95, $12.95, and $14.95 respectively. Meanwhile, membership models have four levels:

  • VIP Membership – $17.95 (monthly)
  • Premium Membership – $24.95 (monthly)
  • Diamond Membership – $34.95 (monthly)
  • Lifetime Access – $299 (one-time payment)

Each of these membership models has different benefits. A VIP membership simply offers discounts on paid mods, while the more expensive memberships allow for custom requests, free mods, 24/7 support, and more.

Explore some of these mods

Franklin driving a vehicle from Free Fire (Image via
Franklin driving a vehicle from Free Fire (Image via

The image above highlights a vehicle mod based on Free Fire. The car model is Booyah Day sports car, and the details are amazing.

However, there are no further details about the mod. This makes it difficult to determine whether the car has extra capabilities or not. This particular mod is only available to people with a Diamond subscription, and those players can also get it for free.

Are mods worth buying?

The sugar skull scythe from Free Fire (Image via
The sugar skull scythe from Free Fire (Image via

Although these mods are quite unique and very detailed, it is difficult to recommend anyone to buy them. The mods are completely unofficial and created by people who are fans of the games themselves. As such, they are almost always free. Selling them is generally considered unethical and can also lead to legal issues for modders.

Moreover, these mods, as well as the membership services sold on GTA5MODAZ, are quite expensive. There are mods with much more effort that are available for free.

To note: This article uses only the views and opinions of the author.

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