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How to Add Notes to iCloud Keychain on Mac



Add Notes to iCloud Keychain on Mac


Add Notes to iCloud Keychain on Mac

You can add Secure Notes to your iCloud Keychain account and login entries if you want. Notes can serve any purpose, but they can be especially handy if you want to refer to something specific to this login, whether it’s a log of previous passwords, or the purpose of the account, or anything else.

For example, let’s say you have a specific credit card login saved in iCloud Keychain and you want to attach a note to that keychain entry that it’s a work account only, that’s easy to do. Or maybe you’ve registered a Netflix login and want to add a note reminding you that this is your favorite aunts account and not yours, that’s easy too.

How to Add Notes to Integers in iCloud Keychain Account from Mac

  1. Go to the  Apple menu on the Mac and choose “System Preferences
  2. Choose “Passwords” and authenticate when prompted
  3. Locate the account in the iCloud Keychain list for which you want to add notes and select it
  4. Choose the “Edit” button in the corner of the account entry
  5. How to Add Notes to iCloud Keychain Entries on Mac

  6. Add the note you want to attach to the account entry in iCloud Keychain, then click “Save” to finish
  7. Add Notes to iCloud Keychain Account Entries on Mac

  8. Repeat with other notes if desired

Since it uses iCloud Keychain, any added note will also be synced with iCloud Keychain on your other devices.

You can also add and edit notes for iCloud Keychain entries from the iPhone or iPad, through those devices’ respective Settings apps, but that’s a topic for another article.

The iCloud Keychain Notes feature exists in all modern versions of macOS starting with macOS 12.3 or newer. However, the separate Keychain Access app on the Mac has long included a “Comments” section which can serve a similar purpose, except it’s not password protected like iCloud Keychain Access, and it also doesn’t sync in the same way.

And in case you were wondering, iCloud Keychain notes are not stored in the Notes app, nor linked to the Notes app.