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How Is Beast Tamer Different From Other Harem Anime?




beast tamer is an isekai anime that was created as part of the fall 2022 season. It is considered a harem anime because Rein, the male protagonist, will work with, or rather tame, girls of different races as part of his journey. . But how is beast tamer different from other harem anime?

Also known as The Beast Tamer who was exiled from his party meets a cat girl of the strongest race, Beast Tamer is originally a light novel series that was released online via Shosetsuka ni Naro in 2018.

Kodansha acquired the light novel and released eight volumes in 2019. It was later adapted into a manga before being made into an anime by EMT Squared.

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How is Beast Tamer different from other Harem anime?

Although the title might intrigue people as cat-girls are very popular among anime fans, there seems to be nothing new about beast tamer. In fact, fans immediately noticed her resemblance to The rising of the shield hero.

Both anime’s two male leads were removed from their respective parts due to their missing abilities. This prompted them to go on a journey alone, where they eventually met some powerful girls.

Rein, of beast tamerand Naofumi, from The Rise of the Shield Heroeven have the same worries about their abilities.

How is Beast Tamer different from other Harem Anime Rein and Kanade

Most harem isekai anime also feature powerful and amazing girls that will push the male lead to be stronger over time, which is to be expected. beast tamer as well.

There are also fans who believe that beast tamer is a combination of Banned from heroes party and Harem in the maze of another world.

This can be quite disappointing for those who wish to see something special in the series, but those who enjoy this kind of plot will still find beast tamer entertaining.

Is Beast Tamer worth watching?

Is Beast Tamer Worth Watching Kanade

Each viewer has their own preferences. As mentioned, those who enjoy this kind of plot will find beast tamer worth watching. On the one hand, the female characters of beast tamer are adorable, which can be a good reason to watch the show.

The character designs are also excellent, as well as the animation and soundtracks.

However, those looking to see something new might find the series isn’t for them. Some might even say that beast tamerThe plot of is too common, and many other series have already done the same concept.